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"Goodbye Anne."

She pulled on his sleeve.

The air lingering of despair.


He's touch ached at the sight of her.

"Don't forget me..."
She mumbled under her breath.

"I would never."

"And I'm sure we will meet again Anne, your bound to get adopted some day."

"Thanks Willam-''

"Thanks Willam-''

"Thanks Willam-''

The redhead sat up from her fluffy bed.
She watched as sun was floating into her room covering they space with a life like glow.


"Hey Shirley?"

She redhead felt the dark sky above her sprinkle with white color.

"Yes Blythe?"

"You want to hang out?... tomorrow?"
The boy's voice trembling across the white snow.

"Sure, I'll invite Ruby too."

He scratched his neck and nodded.


The blonde haired girl patiently waited outside the redheads door steps.

Anne yells as she floats down the steps.

"There you are, always day dreaming..."
Ruby mummers as she gets in her car.

"Well I bet you are too, of a certain-'''

She says flustered as starts twirling her hair.

"Aren't you glad I invited him?"
The redhead smirks as she puts on her seatbelt.

"Uh- about that.... I kinda invited Diana...."

"Well shit."

"It's okay Anne, she's different."

Suddenly they both hear a loud car slam.

"Bonjour sissy sis, Marilla said that you have to take me with you because I won't get off the couch..."
The boy pouts and dramatically sniffs.

"Of course she did"

"Hey Jerry."

"Hi Ruby, so you gonna start driving?"

He nods to her holding the wheel.

"Don't rush me!"
The blonde girl huffs and looks forward.

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