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The redhead sat in a circle with curly haired boy, the raven haired girl, the blonde haired girl, and the others she didn't know well.

"This game is lame, I'm going to head out."
Charlie says as he gets up and grabs his drink.

"Same here I have to get home at a certain time..."
Jane says as she gets up with him as they head out together.

"Fuck this, the only luck I have with this game is with a slut."
Billy says as he gets up, giving glares at the redhead.

Slowly everyone left the circle.

"Anne are you sure I can go off with Moody? And leave the circle?"
The blonde haired girl fumbles a bit.

"Yes it is, don't get too drunk."

She nods and heads off with Moody.

The curly haired boy gives the redhead "do you want to leave too?"

She felt herself hold back the nod.
Something inside her told her
'Not yet..'

"Diana.. can we talk?"

The raven haired girl slowly nods and they start getting up.

The redhead gives one last glance at the curly haired boy to let him know she's alright.

He gives a little nod.

They go around a corner.

"What did you want to talk to me about?"
The raven haired girl said, bluntly.

"I know why your doing this."

The silence fills between them.

The redhead continues.

"I know why you did all of it. After you left, Charlie Sloane asked me out. I said no, I couldn't do that to you."

She paused and looked Diana in the eyes.

"And now I know why you spilled your drink on me, you want to take a away what I took away from you."

"But Diana.. I didn't take away anything, I'm sorry. You had a choice whether or not to post that or do that, and you choose the one that pushed your best friend away."

"I hope you have a good life."

The redhead turns around and starts walking off.

"You know he likes you right? Enjoy that."

The redhead didn't turn back, she kept walking to him.

She saw him waiting,
waiting for her.

"Hey there Blythe."
She spoke, feeling her heart burst a bit.

"Hey, Freckles, I'm guessing you took care of things with Diana."

She sits down with him.

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