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The freckled girl sat with the surprisingly soft Blythe.

"Let's do something, obliviously, roller coaster's aren't your thing..."

"No shit, did you even notice the name of the ride?"

"Okay, fine, what do you do for fun carrots?"

"Call me that again and the book is the last thing you'll remember."

Her voice followed sharply, no longer afraid.


He nervously nodded, trying to hide any inch of his fear.

"Well, I mean, I do make stories on this app.."

The curly haired boy snorted.


Anne had already been reaching for her latest book.


His face turned the color of her hair.


She chucked, reminiscing from the first time.

"Shut up."

He sinked into sit, turning his head to prevent any teasing for the color of his face.

Anne arched her back on her seat.


She said bluntly, as she slowly put away her book.

"Mmm.." his voice mutters at a low enough the frequency point that he won't get hit.

She suddenly starts packing her things and gets up.

"What- where are you going Freckles?"

A smirked appeared on her face as she ignored the nickname.
"Follow me and you'll find out doggnapper.."

He chuckled at the child-ish name.


"Yes, very serious."

He says unable to withhold his laugh.

"You have two choices here Blythe,
Sit here to rot or join me in ACTUAL fun."

"Haha very funny Shirley."

"The second choice is slipping there Blythe."

Her voice rang as she tied her shoe lacy that always seemed to be undone.

"Fine, but it better be worth it."

"It will."

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