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"Hey Gilbert I'm back!"

The hurt curly haired boy sat standing at the edge of his door looking back at the person he once loved.

"What are you doing here?"
He walked out, closing the door.

"Uh- Just saying hi because... I'm moving back here..."
The Blonde girl said.

"You are? Since when?"

"Since now."

"That's- good."
He spoke slowly sitting on his porch.

"I want to be with you again Gilbert."

"Winnie, we can't."

"It won't be like before! We will work."

He sat up, going back into the door way.

"I can't- we can't. I'm sorry Winnie."

2 Years Ago.
"Soo where are you going to take me Mr.Blythe?"
The Blonde girl said as she leaned back in his car.

"Somewhere great."

"And this somewhere is??"
She laughed as she glazed out the window.

"Interested I see."

She smiled pressing her lips on his.

"So your tutoring Gilbert-''


"And you use to like William, and now that he's come back you don't know how you feel?"

The redhead flopped down on Diana's floor, covering her face with a pillow.

"You have to choose Anne, I mean they are both totally into you."
The Blondie said as she sipped her hot chocolate.

"Pfttt, yeah right!"
The redhead said as she turned over on the floor.

"I think so too, I Gilbert literally gives the heart eyes every time he sees you. And you already know William likes you."
The raven haired girl said she pop some popcorn into her mouth.

"Okay enough about me, what about you Ruby? And Moody?? Or you Diana! And... my brother..."
The redhead gagging at the thought of her brother.

"Wha- Jerry isn't that bad!"
Diana giggled.

"And you shouldn't change the topic! Though... I would love to talk about My Moody."
The Blondie twirled her hair.

The raven haired girl said.

"Look at mOodY over here being sMoOtH."
Anne giggled at her words.

"Oh shush, and I'm really glad we had this sleepover."

"I am too, it's always nice to hear about Anne's love triangle problems."
Diana said throwing some popcorn at her.

"Pftt, I mean you and... my brother... have probably making lustful eyes at each other."
The redhead joked throwing a pillow back at Diana.

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