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The redhead shut the door to Aunt Josephine's home, closing her eyes and slumping down to the floor.

"Hey Anne, did you-''

"I forgot the milk. I apologize."

The raven haired girl dazzled at the sad redhead, she came closer letting Ruby and Aunt Josephine know that she had this one.

"Anne. What happened?"

"I- I- I saw.. Gilbert with his Ex, you know Winnie, Winfred."

"I'm so sorry Anne."

The raven haired girl wanted to take her suffering away, but she knew this was Anne's battle.

The raven haired girl did the only thing she could, she held the redhead.

The French boy spoke as he swiftly put on his seatbelt, because as everyone knows... safely first.

"Jerry.. sometimes I'm generally scared for your mental well being."
The lovesick boy said with question in his voice.

"PFTTTTT, I'M fInE! I totally didn't just make Gilbert buy me candy."
He giggled to himself as he pops some candy in his mouth.

The bubbly boy spoke questioning the curly haired boy.

"I caved. He makes a hella good argument when candy is involved. I can't believe this is the same kid who gave me advice."
Gilbert cringed inside, but continued to start to drive off the store property.

"Heh, you love it, everyone needs a little bit of Jerry in their life. Admit you love it."
The French boy smirked.

"Pick your battles Jerry, pick your battles...."
The lovesick boy spoke, but enterally all of the boys loved it, they would never come clean to saying it though.


"What do you think they were even doing here in Charlottetown?"
The Blondie said sitting around Anne.

All the women in the house were surrounding the redhead, in attempts to crack this mystery and settle the comfort.

"No idea, but I'm still pretty sure I saw Moody in the car as I left, so you get to see him.."
The redhead spoke.

"That doesn't matter! You're not okay, yes I really lov- like my Moody, but right now it's about you."

"Yeah like Ruby said, we're here for you."
The raven haired girl said brushing Anne's arm.

"Thank you, really guys.. it's been about 25-ish minutes they should be her-''

They heard the echo from the car, the one that was going to change everything. The horn that sang from the depths of the new holiday and rain down on them New Year's Eve.

"They're here."

"I'm starting to regret this guys.."
The lovesick Moody muttered taking out everyone's bag.

"You said that 2 miles ago.."
The curly haired boy stated feeling a little guilty himself.

"Come on guys... it'a not that bad is it?"
Jerry mumbled slamming the door to the car.

"Oh it is... they're going to kill us."
The bubbly glasses of a big said helping moody pull out all the luggage's.

"Oh shit they are coming!"
Jerry yelled scurrying behind Gilbert.

"It's been good fellas, nice knowing you."
Moody said accepting defeat, letting his arms out.

"Shhh here they come."
William stated pulling the luggage's.

"What do you guys think you are doing here?"
Ruby spoke, Diana and her standing in front of them, blocking the way to the door.

"Uh- seeing... you.. guys?"
Jerry spoke, very careful of his next words.

"We won't leave you in the cold, but that's really not fair of you guys to come, it was suppose to be girls week, just because you're lonely asses missed us, doesn't mean you come."
Ruby spoke like a true queen. Spitting out every word, every sound scolding the boy's ears.

"Yes you are absolutely right, I'm so sorry Darling."
The lovesick boy respond, nudging his head down.

"Ah it's okay for you Baby, but everyone else is gonna get scolded."

Diana held the door as everyone brush the warm air stepping inside. They all knew, the redhead had it in for them.

"Well, well, well, look at we have here."
The redhead spoke angered. Each word like a spike in the curly haired boy's heart.

Anne stepped up to the curly haired boy, with a staggered pain of the image she saw.

No word could express how in pain she felt, no word or sounds she could say.

Her words, her voice were broken at the heart of his.

The redhead without words brushed away taking Gilbert's bag and leaving up stairs.

Those actions were the only she could follow into doing.

She wanted to yell, punch, or something at him.

He followed her leading to an old room,  the walls looked still, still enough not to be seen,he closed the door.

"Why the hell did you come?"
The redhead spoke not able to look him in the eyes.

"Because Jer-''


Her words were followed by an empty silence.

"I'm going to leave.."
The redhead walked past the curly haired boy brushing his arm that created a spark which she ignored.

She continued to want to leave trying to open the door to freedom.

"It's locked."

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