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The curly haired boy crawled into his car his uncontainable emotions bursting from his lips to his heart.

Holy shit, I kissed it, well not kissed her kissed her, but I kissed her.

He through his hands up in the air and started to do his own interruption of a happy dance.

Fuck yes.

Just as the movement began it quickly stop on the slight of a phone call.

"Hello? Bash? What's up?"

"Ah boy, get ya self home."

"I am, I am."

"Why did you call?"

"I couldn't wait to tell ya, we finally found someone to adopt."

"Yes, congrats Bash."

"In deed, and what's got ya acting like a moke?"

"I kissed her, I finally kissed her!"

"Ah finally, about time ya man up."

"Pft, I'm plenty a man, and I only kissed her on the cheek."

"I take it back, ya only half a man."

"Oh shush, I'll see you soon Bash."

"See ya soon Blythe."


"Long time no see am I right?"
The boy with straight black hair said as he brushed his face and oval clear glasses.

"Willam? Is that you?"
The redhead walked a little closer, staring at the picture that once was.

"Hey, Anne, how have you been?"
His words putting a significance on the e.

"Good, what about you? How's that family of yours?"
She sat down as Marilla left the room to give them space.

"The Ainsworth's? They kicked me out..but I'm just glad they didn't send me back to Ms.Dunn."

"Oh, I'm sorry, but that's good, she never really had a taste for me and my shenanigans remember?"
The redhead smirked in attempts to lighten up the mood.

"I do."
He chuckles.

6 Years Ago.
The redhead sat in the wooden corner with stained bruises leading up to her back creating the picture of scars to be settled.

"Are you okay? My name is William, I've been in this hell hole for quite a bit."
He bravely smiled.

"Ye- Yeah, I'm fine.. I'm Anne, I just got here."

The boy sat next to her hoping to take an inch of the known pain she went through.

"I'm guessing Ms.Dunn spoke to you."

"Yeah... she's not really the-''

"The kindest?"
The nice boy liked to finished sentences, it was one of the many things the redhead would find to learn.
To him it was like gift, at least one in the mist of his pain.

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