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The redhead and the curly haired boy sat waiting to go into the office.


"Ok, freckles where are we going this time?"
A goofy smile spreads across his face.

"Eager I see."

The redhead says as she starts to pack up her stuff.

"Exited because The fault in our stars was that good?"

Though she made fun of the boy,
she actually really enjoyed every time they hung out, but she would never admit it.

"Shut up, don't you dare disrespect John Green like that!"
He mumbled under his breath.
Carefully fumbling his fingers, a little flustered.

"Whatever you say Gil."

The boy froze up at the name.

"Uh- yeah, as I said... where are we going-''

His words drift off
as they hear a
hard slam on the door.

"You not going anywhere! I saw you two lover birds sneak out yesterday. Go to the office, now!"

They both bolt around, shaken from the specific words Mr.Philps used.


The redhead swing her arms as they stepped into the halls.

It was one of those things
that the redhead didn't pay attention to, but the boy did.

"Uh- what he said back there was a little odd..."

"Haha..... yeah.."
The boy scratched the back of his neck.


She quickly nodded and
took her seat next to him in the waiting room.

They watched as Billy Andrews walked out the office with an smirk.

He mutters as he sees the curly haired boy with the girl.

The Gilbert clenched his jaw as Anne swiftly squeeze his arm.

"It's fine, Gil, ok?"

"You don't deserve that."

A light tint shade of red came over her face.

She quickly looked away.


She paused and looked at her dark red converse.

"For the record, you not as bad as everyone says..."

His face lit up in color.

"Uh- thank you freckles..."

A lady dressed in blue formal wear, that Anne thought like an air attendant came out.

"We may see you two now."

They both nod as they step in.

One of them

Going to back to old habits,
of clenching her hoodie fists into  covered fist of fear.

And the other one,

Going into similar habits,
stiffly holding his fist,
in a sharp hold.

They sat down the leathered covered chairs.

"I'm sure you know why your here."
Principal Stacy, spoke.


"Yes, Ms.Stacy."

"As a fit principal, I have to punish you."

"I'm so sorry, Ms. Stacy."
Anne gets chills as she looks down.

"It's ok Anne, I know your a good kid. Same with you Gilbert, but I must give you both a punishment.."

They both nod.

"If you promise to never do that again, then I won't make this on your permanent record."

"Yes, Mrs. Stacy thank you."

"Thank you."

"Anne and Gilbert, since detention doesn't seem working, you will be doing trash pick up. Also Gilbert you have to introduce the new student, and Anne you have to tutor Gilbert."


Gilbert got up and slammed his hands on the table.

"It's called a punishment for a reason Mr.Blythe."

He scoffed as he sat back down in his sit.

"You are now excused."

They both got up and left.

"That's not fair, they can't make you, tutor me or pick up trash!"

She giggled.

"I can't believe your worrying about me."

He looked shyly.

"Well, I was the one getting you into trouble.."

That's why he said that.. no other reason.

"See you around, freckles."

"See you, dognapper."

"Shut up."

She smirked and walked away with a heart a little warmer.


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