Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: The Great Shinobi Alliance!!

Naruto fell to one knee, he was tired, but he knew shouldn't quit now. He could sense them. His friends were coming, it was only a matter of time. He looked up to face Obito and Madara who both stood tall on the ten-tails before he, Kakashi, Gai and Killer Bee.

"It is futile to even fight us alone, Naruto." Obito spoke looking down at the blonde.

Naruto slowly rose to his feet and released a sigh, "I'm not alone..." he started, "and nothing is futile if you set your mind to it."

Obito furrowed his eyebrows, "now you're beginning to sound like Nagato..." he mumbles, "how stupid and pathetic could you be?"

"You could've had your revenge against those people that wronged you! The people that made you suffer!" Obito reasoned, "you could've been a great ally, I saw that you would achieve great things not this fake act of friendship!!"

The blond haired teen chuckled, "and die at the end of it all? Just to achieve your fucked up version of 'peace'?" He asked. "I'd rather die!"

"Besides... I learned, that there are others that can tell the difference between a kunai and a scroll..." Naruto raised his head and met Obito's eyes, "and that's all the reason I need to protect the people I love."

Obito glared at Naruto and the few people that were with him. "Such talent... and gone to waste," he muttered, "disappear!"

The ten-tail opened its mouth and fired a beam at them. It ravaged through the plains and Obito growled. "It missed? Was it on purpose?" Kakashi asked as he helped Gai up.

"Sorry we're late!!"

"Right on time, Sasuke!" Naruto grinned watching all his friends and all the other shinobi from all the other villages land on the ground. Sasuke dropped beside his best friend.

"You manage to redirect the attack, thankfully..." Naruto chuckled.

Naruto suddenly felt arms wrap around him, startling him. He turned his head and saw Sakura, "hey Sakura-chan!" He grinned returning the hug from the pinkette.

"I thought you were dead, you idiot!! You just walked off and we couldn't find you-"

"It's ok Sakura," Naruto hushed, "I'm here now aren't I? Alive and breathing!" Sakura looked up at the grinning blonde and felt something soft on her forehead.

Naruto kissed her on her forehead.

"Oy, you do realise we have a war to win, right?" Sasuke asked bluntly as he pointed at Obito and Madara.

"Shut the fuck up!!" Naruto huffed.

"We'll show you that in this world, there is no such thing!" Obito yelled, "victory does not exist and hope is merely an illusion! There is always hate! You are not loved! That is an illusion you created for yourself!!"

Naruto sighed.

"Well I was taught otherwise! Pain-no... Nagato! Konan! Hidan! They all taught me otherwise! Despite being manipulated by Zetsu and you, they still had kind hearts!!" Naruto yelled, "I'll believe their teachings and believe otherwise!!!"

"This world..." Naruto glared at Obito, "I definitely won't let you end it!!!"

"Everyone, move out!!!"

All the shinobi scattered, and all stood in their places thanks to Shikamaru's father informing them of the plan he had come up with while Naruto conversed with Obito. Shinobi from Kirigakure all performed hand signs. A bright light emitted from their bodies, blinding Obito, Madara and the ten-tails.

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