Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: 12 Years Later

"Oy! Li'l Naru, to your right!" Hidan yelled alerting the blonde. The blonde nodded in response and in a flash, disappeared. The Anbu who had planned to attack the blonde sat in place, confused and dumbfounded.

The Anbu looked right and left, cautiously waiting for the blonde to appear. "Right here, sir." A cold voice whispered. It sent shivers down the Anbu's spine and before he could even move or speak, he felt a weapon pierce his chest. Blood splattered onto the bushes as the Anbu fell to the ground, motionless.

"Nice li'l Naru!" Hidan grinned.

Naruto looked at Hidan and smiled, "thanks big bro Hidan." He said.

"Well, looks like we've cleared out the area, let's head back to the hideout and report to Pain and the others." Hidan said patting Naruto's back.

"Ok!" Naruto exclaimed and followed Hidan back to the hideout.

It wasn't long and soon enough they arrived at the hideout before dark. "Hey, guys! We're back!" Naruto exclaimed getting everyone's attention.

"Naru!" They exclaimed and rushed up to the blonde.

"How was your mission?" Konan asked gently smiling at the blonde who sat on the ground, tired.

"It was super easy!" Naruto grinned and un-zipped his robe.

"That's nice to know, I'm sure Pain will soon have you get out there on a real mission." Sasori smiled and the blonde looked at Sasori, shocked.

"What?! You mean I haven't been on actual missions?" Naruto asked and his surprised expression was replaced by a blunt one. "Oh... no wonder why they were all so easy..."

Kisame laughed and ruffled the blonde's hair, "chill Naru." He said.

"Twelve years I've been here and I got stuck doing cleaning duty just outside the hideout." Naruto sulked, fake crying.

"Now, now Naru. It won't be long, I'm sure." Konan stated reassuringly.

"You sure, big sis?" Naruto asked and Konan nodded. The blonde's mood immediately switched and a bright grin formed. "I can't wait!" He exclaimed.

"Welcome back, Naruto." The blonde turned his head and saw Pain standing before everyone with Hidan behind him. "I am glad to hear that your mission, once again, was a success."

Naruto grinned, "well of course!" He said.

Pain smiled at the blonde and nodded, as if confirming something in his mind. "Naruto, you're already sixteen and you've successfully completed all of them." Pain explained. "In a couple of days, Deidara, Sasori and you will head to Sunagakure."

Naruto's face immediately lit up, stars in his eyes. "I-Is this a real mission?!" He asked in disbelief.

Pain nodded, "the three of you will head out before dark, till then be prepared." Pain added.

"Yes sir!" The trio exclaimed as the ginger haired man nodded in satisfaction and walked off.

When Pain was long gone, Naruto shot up from the spot he was sitting and let out a cheer. "Finally!!! I get to do a real mission!!" He cheered.

Everyone watched as the blonde happily danced and cheered. How the boy had grown and yet time went by so fast. The lingering thought of killing the boy pained them, but they knew they had to do it, to achieve true peace.

"Alright Naru, we got this!" Sasori cheered high-fiving the blonde.

"Yeah!" Deidara chimed in.

~Time Skip~

"Alright, you ready Naru?" Sasori asked the blonde who put on his robe and zipped it up.

"Yep!" Naruto answered excitedly.

"Ok, let's get going. The sooner we leave, the sooner we'll get there." Sasori stated and made his way out of the hideout with Deidara and Naruto close behind him.

The group sprinted in the directions towards Sunagakure, they stopped to rest at day and left at night to avoid being seen by travellers and ninja on their way back from missions. It took them a total of three days and four nights to arrive at Sunagakure.

On the fourth day they had arrived. Guards immediately spotted them and prepared to face the unknown travellers, however, their lives ended quickly. Much too quick for the eye to follow. Sasori stood by the entrance, guarding while Deidara and Naruto took to the sky and landed on the tallest building, far from the Kazekage's Tower.

Naruto spotted a family of five, picking out fruits and their needs, the children of course, nagging their parents to buy their wants. But to their disappointment their parents declined and they made their way to a different area.

The blonde frowned and shook his head. No, I promised myself I'd never think about them. They neglected me and when I see them again... I'll make them pay! 100 times! Naruto gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

Your anger controls you. Kit.

Naruto snapped to reality, he raised his head and looked around him. "Is everything alright, Naruto?" Sasori asked the blonde, concern clearly in his tone.

The blonde turned to Sasori and Deidara. "U-Uh... yeah! I thought I heard something for a sec, but it was just me." Naruto chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

Deidara and Sasori looked at one another and shrugged.

Soon, day turned to night. From there Sasori waited for Naruto and Deidara who made their move to capture the One-tailed Jinchuriki host, Gaara. The two blonde's awaited for the perfect time to attack the Kazekage of Sunagakure.

Gaara walked to the roof of his office and stood there, feeling the cold air of the night. His maroon hair swaying with the wind. He looked at the village he had sworn to protect, despite all the hate and pain it had given him as a child.

"Come out. I know you are there." Gaara spoke, clearly and loud enough for Deidara and Naruto to hear him. They looked at one another and nodded. They emerged from their hiding spot.

Gaara turned around to confront the intruders of his village. It did not faze him that the people before him were wearing awfully familiar black cloaks with red clouds imprinted on it. "Have you come for me?" He asked.

"Obviously, hm." Deidara answered creating his clay. "Now, you either come with us willingly or we make you."

Gaara smiled and sand formed around him. "I'd rather not let be taken by you people." He said and got into a stance. "Now, come!"

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