Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Kakashi vs Obito!

Naruto collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily while his wounds bled. ah crap... I'm all spent... He chuckled as he glared up at the ten-tails. Several shinobi appeared in front of Naruto.

"Alright I think it's time we show him, that he doesn't have to do all the work!!" Sasuke exclaimed with a confident grin.

Naruto felt hands on his back and a warm feeling on his back, he turned his head and saw Sakura smile at him. "I'll have you good as new in a flash!" She said.

The shinobi before him cheered as Sasuke urged them on. "Thanks... you guys..." He smiled.


Both Obito and Kakashi flew in opposite directions. Kakashi managed to break his fall and spring onto his feet. He dashed towards Obito, lightning engulfing his hand.

Kakashi froze, his hand inches away from his former teammates face. Obito smirked, "still can't pull the trigger, eh?" He asked, "you've had a number of opportunities to finish me off..."

"You of all people... showing mercy to your enemy... I really have seen it all..." Obito said and Kakashi said nothing, "cat got your tongue? Or is the guilt finally eating away at you..?"

"Obito... let's just stop all this..." Kakashi finally spoke his eyes travelling to the ground.

"Do you hope for me to have a change of heart, Kakashi? Like that brat Naruto?" Obito asked glaring at his enemy, his eyes gleaming with hate and rage.

"Naruto... our sensei's kid..." Kakashi began, "he was mistreated, abused, shunned for someone who had barely even begun to experience the world himself received all that without even knowing the real reason..."

"Yet... after being raised and betrayed by the Akatsuki he still deemed them as family," Kakashi exhaled, "now he fights with the many people that had ridiculed him..."

"I know that the person you once were," Kakashi looked up to meet Obito's eyes, "the person that could unite people who he had been enemies with is still in there..."

Obito chuckled, which shifted into a laugh.

"Do not lump me in with that boy, Naruto," Obito began, "he is but a genius that let his talent go to waste! I saw potential in him, so did Pain! But what does he do? Let it go to waste!"

"You were going to let it go to waste anyways, you were going to kill him, use him!!" Kakashi exclaimed.

"No we weren't... we were planning on making him the ultimate weapon against you all!!" Obito laughed, "he was going to be our pet that would forever obey us!"

"If it weren't for that shitty tailed-beast in him... he would've been the perfect weapon, the true embodiment of hate!!" Obito stood up and glared at Kakashi, "if you really think the impetus for this war was you and Rin... well you just need to stop flattering yourselves..."

Obito stood up and walked forwards, Kakashi's Lightning Blade piercing his chest. "I've always known Kakashi..." He spoke.

Kakashi quickly pulled his hand away and saw the gaping hole in Obito's chest. "I no longer feel anything, Kakashi," Obito said, "you need to let all that guilt go Kakashi, this wind hole wasn't your doing... it was this cruel world..."

Kakashi turned and walked a couple steps away from Obito. He turned around and faced him. "I have no intention of making this last longer than necessary..." He said, "all that awaits you is death."

Both males raised their hands, forming a hand sign.

They lunged themselves towards each other, blocking and attacking the other simultaneously. Obito quickly distanced himself from Kakashi whom quickly chased after him, attempting to kick the Uchiha.

Obito quickly formed a few hand signs and spewed out a large fireball towards Kakashi who barely managed to dodge the attack. A black stick emerged from Obito's hand.

Kakashi pulled out a kunai from his pouch and blocked the attack.

The gravity defying haired male quickly turned around and dashed towards Obito who quickly got up. Lightning engulfed Kakashi's kunai and both stabbed each other with their weapons.

"This... is the end... Obito.." Kakashi panted.

Obito laughed and glared at Kakashi, "you can have this victory..." he spoke, "but I won't let you win the war!!"

The Uchiha then disappeared leaving Kakashi behind.


Obito fell to the ground as soon as he had finally returned to the battlefield. He coughed out blood and let out a groan. Madara sighed. Looks like I won't be able to use him anymore... I was hoping to fight Hashirama before becoming the Jinchuriki but now... I have no choice... He thought.

Madara formed a hand sign and Obito let out a cry of pain.

Slowly, Obito's arm turned black. It's time to have him use the Rinne Tensei Madara thought as Obito let out another cry.

Thoughts of Rin ran through Obito and he let out a cry, forming a hand sign. The revived previous Hokage of Konoha raced towards Madara in an attempt to stop him.

Meanwhile, Naruto raced to stop Obito with Sasuke close behind him.

Memories raced through Obito's mind as he fought to become the Jinchuriki of the ten-tails. Suddenly Minato appeared in front of him, slashing his chest with his kunai.

"Minato..." Obito coughed.

Shock overwhelmed Minato as he recalled the moment when he had fought the masked man on the day his children were born. "Obito... it was... you...?" He asked.

"The mark of the Flying Thunder God never disappears... I never once did teach you that, now did I?" Minato asked and frowned at his student that lay before him. "You wished to become Hokage... why this?"

Naruto and Sasuke landed beside Minato. "Now we just have to seal Madara and this war will be over..." Naruto spoke, "we'll also take care of the ten-tails..."

Obito smirked, "you really think that'll be enough to end this war...?" He asked.

Slowly the ten-tails was sucked into Obito. Naruto quickly kicked his father out of the way and grabbed Sasuke, jumping away from the danger. "This was his plan all along!!" Sasuke exclaimed and cursed under his breath.

They watched as Obito ripped off apart of the shell, glaring up at Naruto and Sasuke.

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