Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Naruto vs Pain pt.2

Pain directly charged towards Naruto, their fists colliding. Naruto blocked and dodged Pain's attacks and managed to counter a few.

Naruto blocked a direct punch from Pain and kneed him on the stomach, followed by kicking him on the face sending the ginger haired man back. "Very well done Naruto." Pain stated as he slowly sat up.

Suddenly Naruto felt his whole body move on its own. He was flung towards Pain who's hand was out, ready to catch him by the throat. Naruto came to a sudden stop, but to meet Pain and his air supply being cut off.

What the fuck?! Naruto let out a coughed and grabbed Pain's hand, trying to make him let go. Naruto raised his legs and kicked off Pain's chest releasing himself from his grip. Naruto landed on the ground coughing and gasping for air.

That was close... Naruto thought and performed a single hand sing. Two clones of himself formed beside him and formed an orb with wind visibly swirling around it, the two clones lunged towards Pain while Naruto threw the attack towards Pain.

The Chakra absorbing Pain appeared in front of the original Pain, the chakra in Naruto's attack was quickly sucked in, that is what he thought. The attack quickly transformed into Naruto, he received a kick to the face.

Pain watched as Naruto defeated one of his versions, Naruto charged with his clones. "Take this-" A clone yelled when suddenly a strong force blew him away from Pain as well as making his clones disappear.

Naruto was unexpectedly caught by the chakra absorbing version of him. "You've grown..." Pain trailed. Naruto stared at Pain, his vision weakening as well as his body.

He's sucking your chakra! Kurama said. I know, don't give me anymore of your chakra... wait... Naruto paused and grinned. Keep it coming Kurama!

Kurama grinned getting Naruto's idea. You got it kit! Kurama grinned.

More and more chakra leaked into Pain, unable to contain the massive amount of chakra Naruto had, he erupted into a million pieces. Pain appeared in front of Naruto and kicked him on the face before stabbing him on the stomach with a black stick.

The blonde hissed in pain and clutched the bleeding wound. Without batting an eye Pain kicked Naruto down and stabbed his two hands together, pinning him to the ground. Pain stared down at Naruto.

He envisioned the once small and innocent boy he had taken in, to the person he had become. A frown frowned on his face and guilt flooded his mind. "Naruto..." Pain began, "I'm sure you've heard it from everyone else... but..."

"You wish things were different?" Naruto asked and Pain nodded.

"In truth you and I are no different," Pain said as painful memories flooded his mind, "my family, my village, my friends were destroyed..."

Naruto looked at Pain seeing the expression of hurt in his eyes, something he had never seen in Pain before. "The feeling of pain and loss, we have both felt it," Pain explained, "I knew from the moment I met you, you were just like me."

"And you took pity in me?" Naruto asked.

"I did, I thought I could raise you... but after knowing that you were the host I built up some sort of façade, false hope is what you'd call it." Pain answered.

"Pain... loss... this world is wrong- no, the people are..." Naruto spoke and he closed his eyes. A vision of her pink hair dancing in the wind and her shining emerald green eyes gleaming, staring into his very soul that warmed his heart.

"But even so... there are some who aren't. Sure there is hatred that will never bring peace... but only if we teach those people the proper way... but those who forever live in hatred will need to see what they are doing.." Naruto spoke softly.

"And what if the people you love are... brought to death's door, what will you do?" Pain asked bringing his hand out. A shockwave shot out to the direction he was pointing at.

Naruto could hear it, the agonizing screams of pain. He heard a particular person scream, he slowly turned his head and saw Sakura, laying motionlessly on the ground. Her lower body was trapped under rubble and blood ran down her head and arm onto the ground.

"Leave them out of this..." Naruto growled, his blood boiling.

"We will always feel pain Naruto." Pain stated.

Naruto growled and a red cloak engulfed his whole body, three tails sprouting from his back. "Don't say I didn't warn you!!" Naruto roared and a shockwave was released as he roared.

Another tail sprouted from the cloak, his skin peeled and revealed a much darker colour. His eyes became gleaming white as well as his razor sharp teeth. Pain furrowed his eyes and stepped back, feeling his killer intent.

"Almighty Pull!!" Pain let out.

Naruto's tail stabbed the ground, the ground beneath him cracked and break as the force of Pain's attack shot out. With a roar Naruto had reflected Pain's attack right back him. Pain was tossed away from him.

Pain landed on the ground, coughing out blood. Naruto landed a few meters away from Pain, he opened his mouth and a black orb slowly formed. "Universal Pull!!" Pain coughed a large piece of rubble shot out towards Naruto.

Without a moment to loose Naruto fired the black orb at the huge piece of rock creating a huge explosion that everyone in the distance could see clearly, it aroused confusion and panic as a huge shockwave sent others flying.

Pain slowly got up, his robe was half torn, a trickle of blood escaping his mouth. He gasped and wheezed from air, he slowly approached Naruto who lay under rubble in his four-tailed form.

"I knew you were capable Naruto, I saw the talent in you!" Pain gasped with a small smile. "To think you'd exceed my expectations..."

Pain quickly jumped onto a huge piece of rubble and took off. Naruto let out a roar of Pain as he freed himself from the rubble. He chased after Pain deep into the woods, moving further away from the village.

"Planetary Devastation!!" Pain clasped his hands together and slowly a small black sphere formed in between in his hands. Finally Pain hurled the black orb into the sky. Rubble and debris were pulled towards the black orb.

The grounds beneath Naruto broke and shot out towards, the now ball of rocks. Naruto opened his mouth releasing another attack towards the huge ball. He collided with the giant ball and an explosion erupted making the many rocks that formed it, break.

Naruto roared as rocks covered him.

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