Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Kurama's Hatred pt.1

Naruto followed and soon arrived a dimly lighted area, it had several pyramids and tentacle designs on the walls and roof.

"Woah..." Naruto let out in awe.

Killer Bee walked in front of him and faced him with a grin, "from now on I'm your master! And I'm gonna help ya' control that tailed-beast o' yours!" He rapped.

"You got it!!" Naruto grinned, determination sprawled all over his face.

They passed by several statues that were all, strangely, headless. "Hey pops, why're all these statues headless?" Naruto asked looking at each and every statue.

"There is a purpose for that," Killer Bee said and suddenly came to a stop, Naruto stopped himself when he nearly bumped into him. "This is a place where you can communicate with your tailed-beast, inside the building... got it?"

"Yeah." Naruto said.

"Good," Killer Bee said and went on, "only the chosen may enter. Put your head in the statues mouth, if there is no darkness in you the door will open. However, if there is darkness in you, the statue will bite your head off."

"Oh, is that why I had to go against Dark me?" Naruto asked as he put his head in the Statues mouth, nothing happened and there was a sound of rocks grinding. Naruto got out of the statue and saw the door had opened.

"Exactly." Killer Bee said and entered the white room. "Now... what seal do you have?"

Naruto stood there in slight confusion. "Wut?" He asked, "there are different type of seals?"

Killer Bee sighed, "and here I was thinkin' you were a genius of some sort, fool ya' fool..." He trailed. "Show me your stomach and channel chakra."

Naruto did what he was told and Killer Bee watched as the seal appeared on Naruto's stomach. "Oh, Four Element Seal. That's a good one, better than the one I have." Killer Bee said with a smile. "You got the key?" He asked.

"You mean this thing?" Naruto asked raising his arm as a tattoo appeared on his arm. "I didn't really know what it was, but this old perverted guy gave it to me before running off."

"Good," Killer Bee said and the door closed, "now then... sit and let's begin."

Killer Bee fist bumped him, "I'll tell you what to do with him."

Naruto closed his eyes and appeared before Kurama who lay in his cage. "Good luck trynna contain my chakra kit, cuz' that didn't end well last time!" Kurama laughed in his mindscape. "Shut the fuck up and watch me fox!" Naruto stated with a cocky grin.

He walked up to the seal and removed it, Naruto then raised his arm the 'key' appearing on his arm. Placing his fingers around his seal he twisted it and the gate slowly began to unlock. When it fully unlocked Kurama swung his arm at the gate, opening it.

"Woah.. didn't know you were that hostile, Kurama!" Naruto grinned.

"Hmph, just cuz' we act all friendly doesn't mean my hate towards you humans have disappeared." Kurama spat and grinned. "Now, gimme your best shot, Naruto!!"

'Only chakra can grab onto chakra, am I right, pops?' Naruto asked.

'Yeah, so you gotta use your chakra to grab hold of your tailed-beasts chakra and steal it.'

"You got it!" Naruto grinned as he jumped away from Kurama who stood tall before him with a grin on his furry face.

"Teaming up with the Eight Tails? Hardly fair if you ask me kit!" Kurama growled as he opened his mouth, a black orb forming. He ate the black orb and looked at Naruto, he opened his mouth and a ray shot out towards him.

'Don't underestimate me!' Killer Bee said as the arm of his tailed-beast appeared and stopped the attack.

Naruto summoned his clones and attacked Kurama, his Rasengan grew to the same size he attacked Pain with. Kurama smirked and blocked the attack with his tails. He released a roar and hit Naruto with his tails, sending the blonde back.

Kurama raised his hand and smacked Naruto down onto the ground.

The ground shattered as Naruto collided with it, Naruto coughed out blood and got up. Kurama went for another tailed attack but Naruto grabbed his tail and threw him over. He summoned his clones and jumped in the air. Each clone formed the same attack.

"Take this!" Naruto yelled. "Rasenshuriken!!"

The attacks hit Kurama making the tailed-beast let out a roar of pain.

Naruto landed near Kurama's tail and summoned several clones, he tugged at Kurama's chakra with his and pulled. All clones did so, but Kurama wasn't going to go down without a fight, even against a friend.

He released his chakra to Naruto who immediately felt the pressure and pain from his tailed-beats chakra.

"I want to kill them!"

"Help me!!"

"If not for him...!"

"I'll get my revenge!!"

"I hate everything!!"

"Nothing ever goes my way...!!"

"W-What the hell... is this?!" Naruto grunted, hearing the several voices fuelled with hate and anger.

'Don't give in Naruto, fool ya' fool!!' Killer Bee yelled, immediately knowing the situation Naruto was in.

Naruto could hear more and more voices, "you can't take me that easily Naruto! Your hatred is a part of mine!!" Kurama growled.

"Oh come on! Don't be so harsh to our li'l Naru!!"

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