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[tw: mention of death, violence]

"Does it sting?" He asked once the ice pack met the redness of my ankle.

You shrugged. "No‚ it's fine." Your red ankle wasn't that severe anymore not like a while ago when you just tripped. "I told you I could do it alone." You rolled your eyes‚ jokingly.

He laughed at your response‚ still damping the ice pack to your ankle.

"I insisted." He gleamed. "I felt guilty for scaring you and making you tripped on the floor‚ so I offered to do this to you." He gently damps the ice pack again‚ lifting it up and gently wiping the water that dripped on your ankle.

"You should go to sleep you know?" You paused to glimpse at the clock. "It's very deceased at night‚ your brothers must be waiting for you." You grabbed the ice pack from his grip‚ taking care of yourself on your own.

"I don't think that they'll be slumbering yet. I'll hang around here in the meantime." He made himself prosperous on your bed.

"And‚ what are we going to do this late at night?" You lifted a brow.

"We could get to know each other," Hoseok recommended. At first‚ you were perplexed on why he preferred to do that‚ but he talked again. "I wished to be friends with you‚ you appeared like an interesting girl."

It was the first time someone had wanted to be friends with you. People came off scared of you at the university because you were the Mafia's daughter.

You gawked at Hoseok before answering a‚ "Sure‚ I'd love to." You glimmered.

"Great! Let's start." He fixed his crouching position before clearing his throat so he could enunciate suitably. "You presumably learned my name already‚ but I'm still going to confess it."

"My name is Jung Hoseok‚ but you can call me Hoseok." He lends a hand at you‚ feeling excited as your hand takes it‚ shaking it a little.

"Hi, Hoseok‚ I'm Y/N. It was very pleasing to meet you." You smiled at the man.

You both let go of each other's hands at the same time‚ getting prepared to know each other just like what you performed with most of the members.

"So‚ how was living here?" Hoseok raised a question. You anticipated it was a question that was a bit into your life but the question that doesn't descend upon your personal life.

"Fun?" Voice coming out more like a question so you had to imitate it. "I mean‚ I was getting to comprehend more about each of you‚ so I think these past few days it had been great." 'Being kidnapped.' You amplified in mind.

"That's wonderful! I hope you'll get used to us‚" he asserted. "We're your kidnappers but you can treat all of us as a friend of yours." Hoseok gleamed at you‚ discovering the shock noticeable in your expression.

"I'm also apologizing for the other members who have been glaring at you at dinner." He snickered. "They're just not used to having a girl inside the house‚ but I'm convinced they seek to speak to you too."

You nodded‚ understanding what Hoseok is comprehending. You fiddled with your fingers while Hoseok explored his gaze in your room.

"Are you comfortable here?" He inquired.

You turn to look at him before nodding. "Yeah‚ the mattress is fluffy and I can slumber properly in the evening."

"That's great—" He was interrupted when someone knocked on your door. Both of you looked into each other's eyes before Hoseok let the person in‚ revealing Namjoon standing in your doorway.

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