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"Yes!" Jimin leaped from his seat when his character started dancing in victory and confetti surrounded it. He finally succeeded. "I did it! I warned you." He stuck his tongue out at Jin who kept a straight face at the younger.

Meanwhile, Taehyung and the others rolled their eyes at the dancing frame of Jimin. You were not telling an untruth when you say that he looks like a child who beat a game in an arcade. You giggled at that thought, which made Hoseok turn his head at you.

"What are you laughing about Y/N?" Hoseok inquires, his lips also curving into a smile when he saw yours. "If it's because of Jimin's acts then I don't blame you." Then you both laughed.

"I just can't believe a Mafia would be so happy winning a video game." You shook your head, the smile from your previous laughter was still there. "I mean, many things can make you happy being a Mafia but I wasn't expecting a game." Yeah, like your father. He only cares about what people think about him.

Hoseok laughs at your comment about his brother. "Yeah, sometimes he acts like everything he achieves makes him optimistic. That's why he looks like a charming kid." He made sure to lessen his voice so Jimin wouldn't be able to hear him.

At this point, everything Hoseok says makes you laugh. Particularly when he informs you about the boys' habits: like sneaking out at dusk to get food from the kitchen, cuddling with a teddy bear when they go to sleep. It was simply funny and cute at the same time. However, you burst into laughter when Jimin died in the next round.

"Jimin's about to give up on winning this game." Jin teases, followed by the others just to tease the poor guy who was glaring at the screen.

You can't help but let out your hysterical laugh that you've been hiding all this time. "I can't believe Jimin's weakness is winning these video games," you paused so you can breathe. He pouted when you laughed at him, but smiled when he saw you cackle because of him.

And also, you're ten times happier since Yoongi united with all of you in the gaming room. He was settling comfortably on the couch with an iced americano held in his veiny hand. He was uncommunicative yet his stares were extremely dangerous. When he caught your gaze at him, he smirked. Realizing he had snatched your awareness even when there's a bunch of other men surrounding you.

When you saw that rosy lips arch into a smirk, you shifted your stare at another view, landing on Namjoon who was watching the others fight against each other. It's unreasonable that you're encircled by seven hot men and you don't even fit with them.

"One more, and I'm done." Jimin lifted his pointer finger at Jin who had a tired face since he had been watching Jimin fail this stupid game numerous times already.

"Fine," he answers as he lay on your right shoulder for support. Just like what he performed yesterday but not in an identical situation. "This is comfortable." He shakes his head to brush it on your shoulder.

The whole day went like that. After you guys ate breakfast, you went upstairs to hang out in the gaming room again. It appears like this is how we hang out to know more of each other since you haven't known further about their doings. And since Hoseok was on your left side. He copied Jin and positioned his head on your other shoulder. You now look like an embarrassing girl.

If this position couldn't get any worse. Taehyung decided to sit in front of you, on the floor. You felt your cheeks heat up once the others glanced at the four of you. You hoped that they won't add up to the wildfire, you were currently in.

"Woah. There's so much space here, then you're squeezing Y/N in that single couch." Namjoon crosses his arms while glancing at the boys who were almost hugging you by how close they are.

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