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"Aw, what a tragic ending." The girl fake cooed as she watches the black smoke encompass the whole house and the fire that was beginning to get wild.

She has been here since the time that the intruder had told her that he already planted the bomb somewhere in this house. She's confident that they're probably all dead by now. She saw the explosion with her two eyes.

"I can't believe murdering them is such a simple task," she chuckled. "I mean, they're so strong, and yet a little explosion may kill all of them. Stupid," she said to herself until she heard the sirens of the firemen arriving at the home to evacuate the area.

The girl remained rooted to her location. She was perched on the branch of a large enough tree to support her weight. She stood there watching while the firemen cleared the black smoke so they could see what was going on.

She laughed. "This is such a great movie; the most powerful Mafia in the world was slain by me and my father; it should be the best-selling film."

"Is anybody in the house wounded?" One of the firefighters asked the other as it was the one who entered the building after the smoke was gone.

"None was wounded." The answer of the other made the girl turn her head around, bewildered about what the firefighter was saying.

The firefighter looked at the house once more. "They all escaped the fire."

The girl's eyes widened. "What the fuck?!" She shouted making the people look in her direction making her fall from the tree. "Ouch!"

Despite the pain from her hips, she couldn't forget what the firefighter announced. How did they escape the house? And most importantly, how did they know where the bomb was located at? Nobody even told them, or so she thought.

She groaned once she stood up from the ground, ready to escape the place and tell her father what was happening.

"Miss?" The voice scared her and she almost jumped from where she was standing. It was a firefighter. "Are you one of the people who live here?" They pointed at the burnt-looking house.

She immediately shook her head, afraid she might get caught. "No, I do not live here."

The latter's brows furrowed as the girl seemed suspicious to him but he won't accuse her that easily. "Then what are you doing here ma'am?"

Come on girl, think of an excuse for this stupid man who won't leave her alone. "I just happen to pass by and was shocked to see that a house exploded nearby." Great excuse.

She can see the hesitant look on the man's face which scares her more. Why won't this dude just leave her alone? Is she truly that suspicious? That was the only excuse that can to her mind at that time.

"But what brings you here?" The young man asked again, unsure whether to trust what this lady was saying or not. She looks skeptical at him.

She can't help but roll her eyes. She already said the reason. "I just came from a supermarket and my feet lead me to this burning place." She hoped the thing she was saying connected.

The young firefighter nodded. "Do you need any help with your groceries then?" He looks around but doesn't see any signs of plastic bags anywhere.

Fuck. She forgot about that. How can she tell this guy that the groceries were just in her car, but he might find her confusing?

"No thank you. I can manage." She fake smiled and the man in front of her nodded hesitantly.

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