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"Where are you guys going?" Jin asked as he noticed Namjoon and the others dressed up casually.

"Namjoon hyung wanted to buy groceries so we won't run out of stock supplies. Don't worry hyung, we'll try our best not to get caught or get noticed by others," Taehyung replied with a smile.

Jin nodded. "But are you all going to the same place? I'm pretty sure only three people can buy the groceries and others should just stay home."

It'll be kind of weird seeing 6 men shopping together just for essentials so the eldest had to ask.

Hoseok laughed at the elder's remark. "We're all going to different places hyung. Some of us are going to go to the grocery but some are handling some business stuff." He winked at Jin.

Oh, that guy who planted the bomb inside our house. Everybody may have forgotten that man exists but now that they remember, they sure will never let him get out of the building alive and well.

"Alright, just be safe everybody. I'll make sure Y/N doesn't get in danger," Jin muttered.

Most of the time, the eldest was left alone with you but the others had no problem with it. They know you treat them equally.

"Tell Y/N I said hi to her," Yoongi casually asserts before opening the front door and going to go to start the car. The others glanced at him before looking at Jin again.

"Also tell her we said hi too!" Jungkook exclaimed as he followed Yoongi to the car.

Nodding, Jin laughed at the others for they can't help but miss you when they were doing some stuff for the house. He leans at the door frame as he waits for the others to go and do what they have to do. For now, he just needs to focus on finding a good series again to watch with you so you won't be bored like the author right here.

"Hey Jin, what are you doing there?" A feminine voice suddenly made him jump from his position, his face screaming terror. You giggled when you saw him clutch his shirt where his heart was located, pretending to almost faint.

"Gosh damn! You scared me!" He gulped as he stared at you who was now giggling at his form presently.

You laughed. "I didn't know you were doing a moment there. I just woke up so good morning by the way."

"What's good in the morning when I almost had a heart attack from you?!" he retorted.

"Oh come on Jin, why don't we just re-watch that funny series we watched last time while we eat breakfast?" you suggested and saw Jin pretend to think by putting a finger below his chin.

Jin hummed but you got surprised when he suddenly ran towards the living room. "Say less princess."

You laughed again, walking towards the kitchen to grab some food so you can eat breakfast while Jin follows you. After both of you were settled now, Jin opened the old-looking TV and variety shows popped up.

"Now let's enjoy some soup with this new series we found." Jin leans back on the couch as he takes a sip of the soup he made. While you, you couldn't help but laugh at that.


"So it's all set, alright?" Namjoon asked and the others nodded. "Yoongi hyung and I plus Jungkook will go to the intruder while you three will pick out groceries okay?" He pointed at the three.

Taehyung and Jimin nodded. "Yes hyung."

Namjoon smiled and turns to Hoseok. "Take care of them okay? We never know what would happen again." He sighed.

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