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What time was it anyway? The sun rose brightly and your eyes pained a little when it hits you. It was another day of being with the boys and another day of being a detective where everyone has to discover who this boss is.

By just looking at the time, you already know that the boys were waiting to have breakfast with you already so that's how your morning went by. Eating breakfast with them. Talking about lots of things. You truly enjoyed every meal of your day because of them.

You guessed that today, everybody will be staying at the house and no one will leave. Their so-called work can wait, this was a bonding time.

And also, Namjoon had informed you that if you wanted to go stargaze sometime, there was this place that was not so far from the house that you can hang out. Which of course, had you screeching crazily.

"If you want, I can be with you whenever you go there sometimes," Jungkook suggested the day after Namjoon told you about the place.

You nodded, willing to have him by your side when you go there. "I would love that, Kookie."

But today, you were not going to that place yet. You still wanted to spend time with all of them and not just one. That doesn't mean you don't like spending time with each of them but it's just more relaxing with it's the eight of you having fun.

"So..." Namjoon trailed off as they all sat on the couch to watch this movie Jin has been bragging about ever since he watched it. "What's it about?"

"Romance-comedy," Jin answers while excitedly opening the television. "I'm confident you'll love it just as how you love seeing my handsome face." And there goes his confidence again that earned much laughter from the room.

Jin was right. The boys did laugh at some of the scenes the movie presented. But whenever a romance setting pops up, you don't know whether to scream out of embarrassment or just let your cheeks heat up because of it. The boys looked like they didn't mind though unlike you who looked red as a tomato.

It was Taehyung who noticed your red-looking face and worriedly approaches you, thinking you were suffocating or something.

"Are you alright Y/N?" he whispers so only you can hear the question.

You nodded, awkwardly smiling at him. "Yes I am, it's just a little bit hot."

It was a good thing that Taehyung didn't ask more because you didn't have the confidence to answer it.

After the movie ended, everybody stretched their legs and arms for they were sitting for a whole hour and so. They didn't even pay attention to how long the movie was.

Yoongi chuckled seeing how the others still wanted to watch a movie because it was fun watching while you were there with them. All their problems were forgotten by that momentum and everybody was feeling glad at that time.

Yoongi crossed his arms and stared at the people in front of him, eyes still attached to the television. "By the time the third movie is done, we're all going to be starving to death."

And that's when everybody's eyes widened while they dramatically glanced at the clock which showed the time: "3:00 PM."

Jin was the one who looked shocked the most. "Your favorite chef just got distracted by the movie that he forgot to cook for everyone. Hold on." He raised his pointer finger before rushing to the kitchen.

Hoseok laughed at the funny gesture the eldest has made. "It was technically his fault for introducing the movie to us."

Jimin chuckled also. "Couldn't agree more."

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