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That picnic you had with the boys was entertaining more than you had expected it to be. Turns out, you also needed that kind of moment to ease your mind on a lot of things. Good thing, the boys invited you to go with them.

First, was the comment Taehyung was going to say before Yoongi popped up. You truly wanted to know what Taehyung was about to confess to you but you can't blame Yoongi since it was just the wrong timing for the confession. However, you were glad you and Taehyung weren't avoiding each other that much after that talk you both had.

After the bonding you and the boys had, you went straight to go take a shower and then prepare to go to sleep. It was already dusk when you all finished since you neglected the time. Also, half of the boys went out and that includes Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok. They all excused themselves to go somewhere and promised they'll come back before dawn. Where were they going anyways?

Jin sat beside you on the soft couch you were sitting on. "Aren't you going to sleep yet Y/N? You must be exhausted from all the errands we did this morning." Both of you laughed after Jin's remark.

"Nope, I'm not sleepy yet," you answered back to the older. "How about you?" You inquired as you turn to look at the man beside you who was seated calmly on the sofa.

He shook his head. "Not sleepy as well." He chuckled when you smiled at his saying. Lately, you had been hanging out with Jin and you're gradually realizing that these boys right here; who have kidnapped you, are kind of nice in a way. One kidnapper had already kissed you.

"Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok aren't going home yet?" You opened a topic when silence decided to show up and fill the room. "Where do you think they got off?"

The older shrugged but he already guessed where they have gotten to. It's so noticeable. "I don't know. Probably meeting some Mafia friends they know." He can't help but lie since the three would be furious at him if he did spill where they went.

Jin believed that the boys went to a bar to clear their minds or they went to the other headquarters to pick up something. But he's sure they're in a bar, drinking and getting themselves drunk. They informed him that something bad happened that's why they're presumably there.

"Are you going to wait for them?" Your angelic voice stopped Jin's thinking and he abruptly turned his attention to you. He's not going to mind about where the heck the boys are for now. He's sure they'll come home anyways.

He shook his head, he can't wait for the boys since he's confident they'll come home at nearing sunset. "No, I need to sleep early so I can wake up before the others."

You did admire Jin being the eldest sometimes. He takes care of his brothers just as how he takes care of you. He knows how to clean, cook and be handsome all at the same time. You're glad you met him and the rest of the boys.

"Are you sleepy?" Jin asked once he saw you spaced out while staring at his wonderful complexion. "You looked tired to me. Come on you should go to sleep." He stood up from the couch and waited for you to get up as well.

Of course, you agreed for him to put you to bed since you appeared sleepy in Jin's vision. He walked with you to go to the room they bestowed you to stay in and also had a little talk along the way. You found out this silly side of him who likes to joke around and mess with everybody which got you entertained for a while.

"The boys aren't going home yet, where could they be?" You asked the same question numerous times already yet Jin seemed to not be bothered by it, he just kept answering your question with different answers.

He smiled. "Don't worry. I'm pretty sure they're on their way home." No, they're not. "Maybe they just got stuck in traffic." He had this excuse for the tenth time already.

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