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Shouting and bombs sounded throughout the entire base. The alarms started and a red flickering light kept flashing on and off. Valen knew the Avengers have arrived. It's been expected. They've been taking down Hydra's bases for years. It was only a matter of time before they reached this one.

She was locked in a cage sitting on the floor with her hands waiting patiently on her lap. She was a tiny thing from not being fed as punishment for not doing as told. If she didn't complete a mission correctly, spoke out of turn, or did anything that threatened a Hydra member, she would be punished. The punishments ranged from no food, to being whipped, to having her mind wiped. Anything to get her to obey.

At first, none of it worked. No matter how much pain they would put her through, she would fight back. She didn't want to lose who she was, to have no sense of self. But of course, it started to take a toll. She became weak. Her mind started to loosen its hold on staying strong once she realized she was never going to escape. If her mind didn't keep fighting, neither did her body. She eventually caved.

Valen could hear loud footsteps come down the stairs of where she was located. She's been waiting to be told to go out there and join the fight, but based off the sound of each step took she knew it wasn't a Hydra member.

She kept her head down until the sound of walking stopped in front of her imprisonment. She slowly lifted her head to see a red and gold metal suit standing in front of her.

"Cap, I think I found something." The man in the suit took of his mask to reveal the one and only Tony Stark.

She knew who he was, she knew every Avenger. She was forced to learn everything about them. Their abilities, fighting tactics, their families, anything.

"Are you okay? I'm going to get you out of here."

Valen nodded her head and let tears roll down her cheeks. A smile crossed her face letting him know she was relieved to finally be able to be set free.

Tony aimed his left hand blaster at the key access. It broke the lock letting him easily slide the door to the side to free the young girl. When he looked back in the cage, she was gone. Tony looked all around him trying to find out where she went. She couldn't have stepped out without him seeing her first.

All of a sudden a wire was against his throat, pulling hard. He lifted his arms back behind him to hit whatever was choking him. He was hitting someone, but there was no one there to be seen. Almost becoming blue from loss of oxygen, he put both his arms out in front of him and blasted himself backwards.

Valen hit the brick wall hard letting out a groan. She looked up to see a good sized crater had taken her place.

Tony could finally see the girl again. He put his mask back on, but once again she disappeared in that short span of time.

"Friday, scan the room for any heat signatures." A blue line in his mask scanned the entire room.

"Nothing sir. You are completely alone." The A.I. responded.

"Cap, you might have incoming."

"What kind of incoming?" The man asked who was still outside taking Hydra members down one by one.

"Young girl, silver hair, tiny."

Natasha laughed in her ear piece. "That doesn't sound like incoming."

"Haven't said the best part. I think she can turn invisible." Tony had a smirk of excitement.

Valen took off outside. She was completely barefoot, but that didn't matter. What mattered was to get the unwelcomed guests to leave. Hawkeye happened to be the first person she saw. He would be her first target.

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