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"A couple weeks ago, a team rescued over a hundred girls being experimented on by Felix Renaud." The screen behind Tony switched over to a man Valen recognized immediately. "Romanoff stole the security footage and ran facial recognition on him before Valen, uh, took him out."

Valen gave the man a thumbs up. "You're welcome."

Tony cleared his throat. "Yeah. We found out he was not working alone on these experiments. Ivan Alekseev was the scientist behind all of it. He was also known to work with Hydra before we destroyed the organization."

Valen flinched. She knew Ivan well. He was the one who studied her all her years in Hydra. He took her blood and injected her with things to see how she'd react. He never met anyone that was born with powers like she was. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to keep calm. The table where her hand rested started to ice over, slowly spreading.

Peter grabbed her other hand that was resting in her lap. She instantly looked at him and relaxed. Bucky and Wanda were sitting across from her, checking to see if she was okay. She gave them a little nod before giving her attention back to Tony.

Bucky knew Ivan as well, though he never suffered at his hands. He had his own team, but he knew stories from Valen of the torture he would cause on her. It was his dream to ring that man's neck for the pain he caused on the girl he considered family.

Tony waited to continue. He knew Ivan and Valen had a history because it was in her files that they took from Hydra. He saw her reaction after he said his name and didn't want Valen to freak out.

"I'm good." She reassured him.

"So far we only know of one woman experiment that has succeeded. Her name was Sasha who Valen also took out."

Valen nodded her head a few times. "Welcome for that as well."

"It is our mission to track him down. You have direct orders to bring him in, unharmed." Fury finally chimed in after being quiet and gave a direct line of sight to Valen.

"What if he was a little bit harmed? Not dead, but you know, no hands?"

"You will not touch him. Am I clear?"

"Yes." Valen let out a breathy sigh.

Nat raised her hand but asked her question anyway without being called on. "Do we know where he is now?"

"Last spotted near the border of Latvia. He ran after hearing all his girls were freed and his funder was dead." Tony pulled up a map of a picture of Ivan.

Peter squeezed Valen's hand when he felt her tense. She was a ball of rage ready to take out that man.

"Will you be okay on this mission? It is completely understandable if you would like to be excused from this one." Steve was worried about Valen. She was young and suffered for years at Hydra. She seemed okay, but he didn't know the toll it would have on her to see someone responsible for so much pain. He could see her lash out even if she says she won't.

"No, I'm going. I'll be fine. He can't be free any longer. He lost those girls, but there's nothing stoping him from finding more and starting over."

Fury nodded his head, pleased with her answer. "Then let's get to work."


It didn't take long to find where Ivan was hiding. The team was already suited and ready to go within the hour of finding him.

Valen sat in the cockpit with Nat. She was teaching her how to fly so one day she could be in charge of the Quinjet. If she couldn't do it herself, this was the next best thing.

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