Hail Hydra

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Valen returned home proudly. She finished her mission with no problems, and was ready to show off in front of Zory. She wanted the praise from him for doing a good job.

"Sit." Zory commanded as Valen walked in to his office.

She followed orders, anticipation filling her every bone. He was looking at a file that was in his hand not paying a single bit of attention on her. Her brain wondered off after sitting in silence for so long. She stared at the pillars with bowls of fire in them.

"I have something else for you."

Valen snapped her head towards Zory. She sat still in her suit and mask waiting for him to continue. She stared at the file in his hand that he started shaking.

"This is a big one, but we have to wait a couple of weeks before we can take action. Then it will take time for you to complete this mission. This is not a hit and run. You need to get close to him, and find out what he knows. You'll be working as his intern so every night you'll report back here."

Valen nodded her head once in understanding. She was excited for undercover work.

"Do it right, and there might be something in it for you."

Valen looked up to Zory's eyes trying to figure out what he meant. Better food? An actual bed? No cell? No more guard following her every move? The possibilities were endless.


Valen spent weeks in a classroom being taught how to act around her target. She was going over how to be a spy and not draw any unwanted attention. She already was taught this, but they needed to make sure she didn't mess up.

The first day she wore a black skirt, a sweater, and black tights. Her first mini mission was to pass the interview, which she did with flying colors. She was almost too good to be true, but she had enough imperfections to make her seem real.

She spent the first week playing the intern. Then she would come back to Hydra to report everything she had learned. She would get up early, get dressed, and do her hair before leaving. She then would walk there and back with no stops.

Today, she was staying later than she normally would. She was slowly being a virus, infecting her target's job. All week she would make small comments to show her target she knew what she was doing. Today he decided he could use her input. He was playing right into her hand. Giving her everything she needed to give to Zory.

Peter had been a mess to where he stopped his Spider-Man duties. He decided out of all the nights, tonight was the night he needed to get back out there. It had been way too long being cooped up in his apartment. He only left to go to school and even that was almost over for him. Graduation was coming up quick.

He changed in his room and climbed out his window. He swung around looking for any trouble happening around the city. He helped an elderly woman get her purse back after a man stole it. He stopped two people trying to break into a jewelry store. Overall, it was a slow night, but it felt refreshing to be back out helping others.

Valen smiled as she waved goodbye to her target. Everybody was leaving for the night so Valen grabbed her stuff and started to walk home. Her smile dropped back to an emotionless face as she made it further away from the building.

Peter was sitting on top of a building looking down below when he saw a girl with silver hair pass by. He had to do a double take to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. He followed her down the street jumping from roof to roof, trying to figure out if it was who he thought it was. He didn't know if he was hallucinating or if this was real. But there was no mistaking that unique hair that shined as she walked underneath street lamps.

Peter swung down, not believing a single second of this. He dropped down a few feet away in front of Valen. He was staring in disbelief, not able to form a single word.

Valen stopped dead in her tracks, confused where this person just came from. He was just standing, looking at her completely covered head to toe in a suit.

"Valen?" Peter took a step towards her, but she took one back. He quickly tore off his mask showing her it was him. "V, it's me. Peter."

Valen started to break in a sweat. She was in a tight skirt, making her mobility not as good as if she had pants on. She didn't know who this person was. He looked sad, relieved, and happy all at the same time. She knew this was bad. He could blow her cover or just in general know she existed. She knew the people she had been working with knew she existed, but that would be taken care of sooner or later. The situation here had to be dealt with now. She had to assess the situation.

"Peter?" Valen whispered acting as if she couldn't believe it.

A smile grew so largely on his face. He didn't waste a second before making his way towards her. He grabbed both sides of her face and kissed her.

Everything inside Valen told her to knee him. She was freaking out on the inside. She was not prepared or trained for something like this. Normally the attacker would attack, not kiss her.

Peter pulled back still holding her face. His eyes roamed over her entire face, taking all of her in. "I thought you were dead. I've missed you so much."

Valen had to think fast. Zory was waiting for his report, and she couldn't mess this up. She wrapped both of her arms around Peter. She hugged him tightly, which he reciprocated. Rule is a rule. No witnesses.

"Hail Hydra." Valen whispered in Peter's ear.

Before Peter could respond, Valen created a knife and stabbed his side. He stepped back in shock. He looked down at the fresh wound cut deeply into his side. He looked back up at Valen who watched him fall to the ground before taking off. She turned invisible and ran.

Valen ran into Zory's office out of breath. Her right hand was bloody, which alerted Zory.

"What did you do?"

Valen took a deep breath trying to stop her panting. "A guy, teen, recognized me. He- he called me Valen. He um...." Valen cleared her throat not knowing if she should mention the kiss.

"He what?" Zory was growing impatient on Valen who was taking her time trying to figure out her words.

"He dropped down in front of me in some sort of red suit. He said he thought I was dead. I hugged him then stabbed him in the side."

Zory rubbed a hand over his face. "Is he at least dead?"

"He should be. Yes. I watched him go down."

Zory had a hunch of who this mystery person was. If he did happen to live, then the Avengers were going to know Valen was alive and that Hydra was not dead. He punched a hold in the wall out of anger. "I don't need a 'he should be' answer. I need you to be clear, Obscurity. Is the boy you stabbed alive or dead."

Valen didn't know. She ran after he fell. "I'm not sure."

"You mean to tell me you didn't check? Or that you didn't take extra precaution to be sure he was dead?" Valen shook her head no. Zory slapped her across the face. "INCOMPETENT!"

Zory snapped his fingers and a guard walked in. He started whispering giving the guard detailed instructions on how to handle the situation.

Zory took his place behind his desk and faced Valen. "Here's what's going to happen. I have people going out right now looking to see if this boy is dead. Starting tomorrow, the twins will take over your mission. We'll make something up about your leave."

"I can still do my mission. He did not compromise anything. No one saw."

"I don't care. I don't care. You need to get out of my face right now."

Valen stood up abruptly and headed back to her cell. She was breathing hard out of anger which caused the floor and walls around her to start covering in frost.

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