chapter one: new encounter.

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6:30 am on an early day it was

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6:30 am on an early day it was. It was autumn, not a single leaf remained green. Trees gently swayed in an ethereal slowed manner, displaying their beautiful, yet decaying features. A dirty brownish hue lay embedded into the canvas of the pretty sky that slumbered there.

The dorm you were acquitted to, for the time being, was eerily silent. Your new roommates were nowhere to be found as you had awoken to start the day. You found it somewhat strange as you would have encountered them at least once or twice, but no, not a single trace of the unknown figures were present.

You were unaware of who your roommates were, nor were you familiar with many of the people scattered around the campus. And the only two friends, you'd ever made, were sectioned off together, noting that you wouldn't have any time to be with one another on any normal day. Nor would you ever be able to keep in touch as much as you used to.

The thought of them having not a slither of time for you, set you back a little bit. But a setback like this wasn't really as much of a deal. You were never really nervous at having to settle on another scenery, to progress in your studies, but something about this placement made you grow mildly nervous. It wasn't the thought of your friends, but the thought of this year going not as you planned for it to be.


You lightly stretched your arms, eyes growing hooded as your eyes subtly tried to adjust to the warm orange hues, which poured their essences into your bedroom. Your body stretched, unnoticeably removing the duvet that concealed it beneath. Once you were aware your duvet had been lifted to a degree, no warmth had caressed your body, you glazed the soft duvet cover over your body once more, succumbing to the thought of wanting more sleep.

"Hey, you're Y/n, right?" A voice muttered, slightly slurring their words, instantly denying you of obtaining any more sleep.

Fuck, there goes the extra amount of sleep. This better be worth it.

"Yes, and who might you be?" You asked, removing the duvet off of your body, angling your body at a position better than what you were once laying in.

"I'm Sasha! I'm one of your three roommates!" She uttered, placing her neatly manicured finger beneath her chin. She uses it to hold up her head; she sat down on your desk chair.

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