chapter twenty-eight!: bird's eye view/ home, sweet home.

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12.0k words: a summary of acts: deep conversation, fatigue, crying, comforting, cuddling. a summary of smut acts: unprotected sex, oral receiving ( m & f), teasing, nudity, cumming, hair pulling, reassuring, gentle kisses, praise, admiration, breast sucking, messy eating, whimpering, rough/gentle intimacy, sizing, stomach bulge, cock warming, cum-stuffing, breeding, fingering, dirty talk, trauma bonding + more. proceed with caution, mind errors + vote!

a/n: after ten billion years, they're finally lovemaking. mind the errors + I am tired. enjoy.

Through light sways and gentle stirring, a profound love rests between the couple. The two of you rest entangled, unable to healthily pull away from one another, without the thought of your bodies aching for one another. Aching for another in a mental way that will boost the lack of dopamine the two of you are inheriting.

This is because you are both afraid of distance being placed between the both of you. The two of you remain up all night, especially since you yearn to wish Eren a happy birthday.

Even though you wish to do so, Eren couldn't help but advise you to merely rest — to rest within his solace-laced arms.

He couldn't help but remain worried about how slender you had gotten. How hard it is for you to remain up for longer than a few minutes, needing subtle assistance for him. How your skin had tinted a deep grey hue, your plump cheeks no longer plump and fulfilling. This aspect left him worried. Worried as you brought yourself to force your body to endure all there is, all so you can experience his birthday with him.

"You're sure you're okay?" Eren's soft whisper leaves you curling further against him, your brows creasing as you attempt to endure the gravity of his words. You solely didn't want to ruin his birthday, one which is in less than a few hours.

"I'm sure. I'll be fine, Eren," You groggily bring yourself to say, rubbing your head as you force yourself to remain awake. You yearn to be the first person to say happy birthday to him; no matter the circumstances.

"That's something you say when you're not fine," Eren frowns, despite the darkness engulfing the both of you. He couldn't help but freely express his thoughts, uncaring towards the fact that he may have had to dilute his words.

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