chapter twenty-three: the fireworks that alter it all.

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15.3k words: a synopsis of acts: fluff, angst, crying, subtle acts of intimacy, violence, fighting, viewing sex, ptsd, regret, manipulation, comforting, scarring, mention of a panic attack, guilt tripping, therapeutic hair combing sessions, weapons + potential more. vote + proceed with caution + mind errors.

a/n: let the show begin; idk whether to call this a win/ her getting her lick back.

Heavy, that was all your meticulous heart was. All you could solely think about was the tainted words that Mona had freely spoken. But either way, it wasn't her hollow words that merely wounded you, it was the satisfaction Armin gained through another woman smearing your presence with negativity.

It seemed he found a sorrowful amount of solace within the insults hurled at your indefensible frame. With a lingering sense of a torn heart, you couldn't help but discover yourself pondering on them, wondering what it was you had truly committed. It wasn't a disastrous sin, you had committed. It was solely you being committed to lounging in Eren's company — a man who had so swiftly robbed your guarded heart.

The stars were rather heavy tonight, glazed with a gentle hue as the snow puddles outside. Dozens upon dozens of hues splayed within the gentle sky, infecting the landscape with beauty. Merely, you couldn't help but be amused by the thought of observing the beautiful view with your beloved, Eren. A delightful view that would serve as a key memory, staining your hearts with serenity and solace. Solace from all there was to his company. A company that allowed your pessimistic thoughts to entwine, moulding into a sphere and being discarded.

You yearned for it to remain as just the both of you. No outlawed company, only just one another. Whether it was permitting yourselves to engulf pot noodles with another, heading to a deserted park, in the middle of the bleak, whispering, night, heading to his energetic studio, or just settling in your calm room. But all together, you yearned for your hearts to stick around with another, not another person interrupting your souls' bonding. Light souls that were becoming entwined and collaborating, just as the sun solely did with the capturing moon.

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