chapter fourteen: tend to her wounds to capture her heart.

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7.8k words: synopsis of acts: guilt, denial, waking up in a foreign place, crying, realisation, reassurance, humiliation, self-harm, feeding into old habits, resentment, cursing, hand treatment, confusion, bodily reactions, showing off scars, mentions of scars, mentions of murder, detailed tellings of murder, abandonment, dark topics, talks of the past, ptsd, sleep crying, feeling of being used, read with caution. vote.

An ominous sense of energy rests within you. You felt yourself somewhat stir awake from the contact of something hard settled against your head. It wasn't the boisterous, invasive sort of hard, it held a warming softness to it. A softness that swindled with the pace your heart roamed at.

It was so soothing, causing you to somewhat attempt to deepen the contact — to subconsciously amble on the object your head rested upon. Was it solely an object? If so, what object was it that caused you to be cosy with ease? What was it that allowed your body to cave in so deeply? Allowing you closer to the unknown surface?

A certain awkwardness overtakes you — engulfs you — as you allow your lowered eye to depart. Depart as if it was a sweet goodbye, leaving you to linger in confusion. What was occurring?

Despite the thoughts that lingered, you settle somewhat deeper within the unknown source. A fretting piece of emotion overwhelmed you as the room remained dark, warm, and settling. It was unlike your usual room.

Your usual room aimed to be a warm, homely, whimsical place. Yet, it contrasted your fantasies, from your lack of motivation that collided with the aura that settled within the room. It was so disgustingly bleak and clustered the aura. If you were honest, it held metaphorical similarities to you.

Though your eyes remained open, you weren't able to fully discover what it was that rested against you. But all you knew was you had slumbered through the warming night, eliciting a feeling of peace within you. It seems a nightmare hadn't occurred, very strange indeed.

It was only then you felt light movements, only to pick up on an inhale against you, leaving you to grow startled. Who was it that you rested upon? Who was it that gifted you such soft warmth?

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