chapter twenty-five¡: we've only just begun/ pride.

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10.9k words: synopsis of acts: light smut: fingering, (f) oral, handjob, assurance, cockwarming, gentle intimacy, mirror intimacy, crying, kissing, boob sucking, cumming + more. normal acts: light fluff, assurance, mental breakdowns, cuddling, threats + more. read with caution; mind errors + vote!

a/n: this chapter's a lil easy going + enjoy their firsts.

Thudding and colliding, that was all you felt. You felt your ass soft against such a hard thing, leaving you unable to comfortably sleep. The position you adapt to provides comfort, yet you didn't desire to stir Eren awake, informing him of such a thing. It left the two of you deeply wounded with butterflies of love and a slight lust, such thick and tempting desire lingering. It was pathetically making it harder to slumber, all as you placed a hand upon your mouth, your brows crinkled, the subconscious colliding continuing to make it hard for you to steady your breathing.

But it was only when he wrapped his arms firmer around your supple waist, resting within a trance of sleep, you gasped, unable to handle how flustered you were. Naturally, you were unable to escape his slightly firm grasp, his broad arms glazed around your body, leaving you unable to pull from him. He was too afraid to allow you to ponder elsewhere, especially after the night you had had. He didn't desire for you to rest within disdain and melancholy; he yearned for you to be mentally intact.

"Eren!" With the whiny words of desperation, you feel him stir against you, finding his viridian eyes widening at the revelation. It didn't take him a while to finally realise what was occurring; it had happened so many times with you.

"Shit, I'm sorry," Eren unwinds his arms from around you, his expression tainted with guilt. He could make out the slightly tired expression you wore, all due to the ample pressure against your underwear — this had happened beforehand.

"Ah, it's fine," He listens to your tainted breaths, your body scarcely arching. Eren puts in distance between the both of you, remaining awake and vigilant.

"I didn't mean to get hard against you, I'm sorry," Eren speaks in a slight panic, his eyes drawn to a panting you, who remained sprawled, the covers concealing your nude breasts. He had never seen you in such a state before, panting beside him, your lips parted as the gentle, beige light rested against your drained features.

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