chapter twenty-one: the pool that tells it all.

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11.1k words. a summary of acts: time skip, overthinking, emotional distance, subconscious messages, reassurance, fluff, angst, body checking, guilt, crying, humiliation, dehumanisation, suicidal thoughts, mentions of traumatic events, reaching outside of your comfort zone, heartbreak + more. vote!

a/n: this chapter's probably one of the heaviest ones, so please proceed with caution. y'all are so quiet.

Peace finally settled within you. A bead of peace settled within you as you and everyone else arrived at the ample penthouse. Excitement settled within everyone, everyone but you. Though your heart and mind remained partially excited, it felt as if Armin had altered your chances of attaining fun. A part of him didn't mean harm, you were detecting this from afar. But, a part of him remained bitter, unwilling to allow you to attain happiness. Perhaps it was solely because you had exclusively said to him, in a message, such blunt words. Blunt words about your fwd status: I don't want to do this no strings attach thing. It's fucking with me, mentally. No pun intended.

Journeying through the penthouse, you were taken aback by the beauty of it. Simply, you couldn't help but want to take hold of Eren's hand, despite him taking hold of your suitcases, along with his own. He wasn't floundering, but there wasn't any room for you to take his hand, so you place your shoulder against his own, not uttering a single word. The stillness between the both of you was perfect; you liked it.

"Guys!" Connie exclaims as you were all beginning to search for your rooms. His tone was rather ecstatic, all as you remained mentally weary, unable to replenish your social battery.

"We're going to the pool, so go to the pool," While everyone else remained delighted, you couldn't help but remain unable to find comfort in the situation. You yearned to head to bed, unwilling to communicate for the night. A portion of you was just so sombre at the words Armin had spewed, despite Eren's ongoing reassurance. Even as you left the couch, he gifted you the same look.

"You going to the pool?" You question Eren as you both gesture your way to your designated room. He couldn't help but allow his eyes to riddle the door, finally being able to gaze through the pregnable sight.

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