chapter eleven: a broken wrist & a deal.

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10.1k words: synopsis of acts involved: violence, ptsd, pain, paparazzi, cursing, injury, danger, hospital. tw: Eren. ignore errors. (vote, ig?).

It was in the midst of the night; you jeered away in a state that remained far from tranquil, isolating yourself. Beady sweat clings to your forehead as you stirred awake, your eyes widening as you awoke from an occurring nightmare. You were unable to breathe as you panted, gripping onto your crumpled sheets as you held back tears, throwing your head back as you panicked, desperate for your mother's diary to rest within your arms — the one that soothed your nightmare. It was rather hard to function, knowing you didn't have a piece of your mother to comfort your recurring nightmares.

As your body became familiar with its events, it settles against your bed. You remained gasping as you glanced at your ceiling, attempting to dismiss the fact that you had indeed had another traumatic dream. This one was by far the nastiest, causing you to remain uncivil with reality, as not a single item was on you, to soothe your worst nightmare. You had been having the same nightmare for roughly three years, resulting in sleep not being something you favoured.

With your mother's brown journal, you were able to lull yourself to sleep once more — it was only for a limited amount of time. But, you didn't have such a thing, so you were solely aware of the fact they were set to become more frequent. You were praying you at least had the mental capacity to push on — you still had a series you needed to pursue. Pathetic was what you deemed yourself to be in this moment. But you just wanted to go to sleep. To have the bleak dream stolen, transforming into an alien entity.

"For fuck sake," You mutter, burying your face within your pillow as you creased your brow, clenching your jaw in annoyance, at the lack of comfort for the journal. Your Adam's apple lolls at each syllable. You could feel your Adam's apple rise before it shifted to its initial position.

You feel yourself grow rather panicked before you oddly settled, too out of it to even attempt to mould back into your sheets, attempting to search for peace. You couldn't help but have the urge to just go outside —at two am — going for a walk and clearing your mind. It was a rather dangerous thing to do, but you were extremely familiar with self-defence. So, even if someone would attempt to cause harm, you would be rather quick and stealthy when it came to taking them out or causing harm.

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