chapter twenty-nine: boyfriend, boyfriend, who's the fairest of them all?

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8.4k words: a summary of acts: affection, fluff, cuddling, crying, happiness, slight reunions, kissing, admiration, singing, cute acts + more. mind errors + you don't have to proceed with caution. vote!

a/n: this is a cute ass chapter, so enjoy it. I'm not one to cry over something like this, but this chapter is very special. it symbolises a lot. the hills is coming to an end soon. there should be at least 44 chapters.

Presently, you hang around, stored within your bedsheets as Eren unsealed the bedroom door, a vast amount of unravelling present sounds to your ears. Your heart thuds softly as you are in tune with what occurred the night before, and your mind couldn't help but slumber at ease — aware that you are so safe within the presence of Eren.

He had been spoiling you, to make sure your heart remains soft and light, despite you readying yourself to endlessly spoil him for his birthday that, as of yet, hasn't been celebrated.

It's nice knowing that he deeply cared about your comfort after sex, being so sure that you are treated like the royalty you are.

Despite you readying yourself for the day, you still linger within your changed sheets, feeling so much lighter than you have ever felt beforehand. Something about the encounter stored such frailness within your heart, allowing you to remain so gentle and at peace with all there remained.

This solely stayed between you and Eren; no one else is aware of the fact that he had finally lost it to you. Even though he had, nothing within his behaviour had altered — he is solely still your Eren. Solely still the man that you found yourself falling so deeply for.

He's essentially your everything.

"Wake up, lotus," Eren speaks with softness, gently approaching you, gifting you a delicate tap.

He is able to see how worn out you are, attempting to recover from the intimacy you had shared with him for the first time. An intimacy that twirls within your mind. You couldn't help but be gifted intense, invasive, flashbacks.

"Hm, you know I'm already up, Eren," He listens to you softly murmur, slightly shifting the covers to reveal you resting within your nightgown. It only remains seven in the morning, so you knew better than to allow your day to begin at such a tainted time.

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