chapter sixteen: tears over beers.

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10.4k words: synopsis of acts: abandonment, abusing alcohol, tension, envy, belittling, low self-esteem, betrayal, venting to a stranger, venting, mentions of brief sh, slight ptsd, manipulation, throwing up, slight fluff, angst, regret, dismissing, brief thoughts of death, clearing your head. proceed with caution; vote. tw: eren. image of damien is above.

You were currently within the bar with Eren and Armin, unable to fully decipher the lingering tension that invaded the two of them. Though, they were respectful of you, being the cause of irritation within you. You all stayed settled upon three stools, talking with one another. An ample part of you couldn't ignore the fact that Armin so obviously took in the sight of your dark-azure dress. A dark-azure dress that cascaded beautifully, outlining all there was to your beautiful figure.

With swiftness, you were able to detect that Eren wielded excitement at your dress, taken away by how elegant your dress truly was. No matter how much you rested your gaze upon him, he would subtly tint, running his fingers along the curve of his jaw, in awkwardness — just to be more precise.

He was unable to figure out how to gift you a compliment, without you divulging deep into it, implying that he solely had a soft spot for you. He yearned to inform you of your beauty, but Armin solely prohibited such a thing, attempting to sense lingering tension.

"You guys are weird as fuck. We're at a bar, loosen up." You speak mid-conversation, hinting for the bartender to gift you a shot of whiskey. You solely wanted to forget everything, just for tonight.

"What do you mean weird?" Eren and Armin announce in sync, their faces growing somewhat confused. You allow yourself to make eye contact with the bartender, gifting him captivating eyes — they observe.

"You guys are acting uptight, and it's ruining shit for me," You note to the both of them, arching forward to grasp hold of the shot. It was only then, only then that Eren creased his brows. Creased his brows at the sight of Armin fixating his gaze on how you moved your body.

"I'm not uptight, I'm just trying to avoid certain people," Eren announces, slowly taking away your shot as you glance at him. Though confusion wielded you, you allow your lidded eyes to meet with his sunken eyes.

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