chapter twenty-four¡: flee to new beginnings.

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11.1k words: a synopsis of acts: light intimacy: grinding, erections, subtle touching and light kisses. tw: crying, exposure, slightly coming to terms, cuddling, calming down, reassurance, heartache, slight text fic + potential more. vote! + mind errors.

a/n: this chapter's lighter than the other ones; proceed with caution.

In a sleepy trance, you rested within Eren's tinted car, attempting to conceal yourself. He was being heavily cautious, his eyes flickering around every inch of the atmosphere. Eren wanted to assure you would be able to sleep in tranquillity, not shedding a tear as he remained. As all Armin had brought you were burdens upon burdens, torn bridges upon bridges, Eren had witnessed this twice. So, why was it much more chaotic because he was infatuated with you?

Eren wasn't sure if that was truly the sincere Armin he knew. Why was he constantly contrasting his words? Getting intimate with many, though he held values of solely discovering the one? Why he allowed himself to freely be stupidly deep within another girl? Had he finally been forcefully made to change his ways? If Armin was mentally intact, Eren knew he wouldn't have been stuffing Mona constantly, his heart visibly aching.

In a way, he yearned to inform his old friend of the consequences of allowing himself to have unprotected sex  — but he solely didn't care. If he was truly thinking straight, would he merely allow himself to engage in intimacy with Mona? Engage with a woman he knew held such awful values? A woman that, if he got pregnant, would extremely tarnish his future?

But even so, he allowed himself to be reckless enough to be so persistent to engage in intimacy, to seemingly suppress the prominent impression you had left on him.

He didn't care enough.

Peacefully, as Eren drove, he permitted his freehand to blanket over your kneecap, inching around the limited surface. He felt as you stirred against his fingers, your body softening. It seemed as if being secluded from that environment had willingly allowed you to regain your composure.

Eren was rather unsure of how long the both of you were set to stay there. But he merely didn't care how long he would be absent. He only cared for you to be granted your own space, becoming much lighter than you were within that trapped space.

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