chapter ten!: the charred journal.

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9.5k words: synopsis of acts: smut: car sex, unprotected sex, cumming, oral, (f) receiving, (m) giving, somewhat rough sex, praising, subtle dirty talk, loud sex, whimpering, moaning, vulnerability, teasing, crying, (f) cumming, breast sucking, overstimulating, sensitivity, grinding, (d) male, (s) female. read with caution, mind errors. tw: Eren.

It had been a while since the concert had ended and you and Mikasa were making your way to your limo, readying yourself to enter an exclusive after-party venue. If you were to be honest, you weren't expecting yourself to be inscribed upon the list, but it seemed as if you were on the list as you and Mikasa were escorted within the venue, being surrounded by dozens of people. A lot of classy people remained huddled in the venue, sleek dresses settled throughout as Mikasa took a hold of your hand, desperate to lead the both of you elsewhere.

You couldn't help but take in the environment, a tinge of nostalgia roaming within you from the venue. The venue screamed lavish, yet it was so ample and spacious. It would take a stretched out period of time to find the people you desired to find. As you and Mikasa remained meandering through the crowd, you glanced to your right, catching sight of a man bun, only for it to swiftly disappear. You had seen the same sight before, you were sure it was probably Eren, but you shrugged such a thing off, fixating your gaze upon Mikasa.

"Mika, where are we going? We've been walking around for a while and haven't made any progress." You inform her, treading behind her as she slipped your hand into her own.

"We're going to find Armin and the others. This venue is massive, not even I know what I'm doing." Mikasa chuckles, her tone somewhat washed out from the ampleness of the soft music that played within.

"I kind of figured that out. You're just going anywhere, at this point. I'll follow you, though. I want to congratulate Armin. I still can't believe he did this well!" You speak, glimpsing through the crowd to no avail. You didn't know what you were attempting to glimpse at, but something in your mind seemed thrilled to thoroughly search for something you didn't currently suffice.

"I'll do that soon, I'll give the two of you time together." You frown at Mikasa's words, concealing your expression as she drove further through the crowd, still unable to discover the sight of your friends.

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