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In a world filled of...complete utter bullshit. Also know as heroes. There's a villain.

   Because wherever there's a hero around, there will be a villain lurking in the shadows. Because that's common sense right? Hero's wouldn't be needed if there weren't bad guys for them to stop.

So every story has a villain. I just happen to be this one's.

I could lie, convince you all I'm the hero. That everyone actually good, is bad. It wouldn't be hard. I could easily say everyone against me are the bad guys. But that would be a lie, because they aren't. At least in their eyes, and almost everyone else's.

   In their eyes, I'm a villain. Not because I did anything, but because my father did.

Some may say my dad is a little itty bit of an asshole. Because apparently mass killings, and stealing makes him one. Everyone's opinion is valid.

I know what you're thinking, god Arden don't you think what he does is bad? I mean, I understand it's not the best thing. But he has a reason for what he does. I just don't know it, and I don't care to ask for it.

Plus the so called heroes killed my mom, so I'm not really on their side. I'm on no ones side. The only side that matters to me, is mine.

   But enough talk about that, you can find out more about it later.

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