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Day five of being locked in here. The nameless boy hasn't come back.

Carter and Levi have been switching up checkin on me, most of the time they even come together. My chair me have removed and replaced with a silver bracelet.

I've learned that this bracelet somehow stops me from being able to use my ability. How I learned that? Well, I tried to use them on Levi.

I have a normal, I guess powers you can call it. I like to call it my pretty white sparks. It's not just sparks though, sometimes it's a mist, or a shadow. I can wield it in many forms. No matter what form it's in, it hurts. I personally don't know if it hurts, but I've heard it does.

I'm not dumb. I've tried to use them the second I woke up in this shit hole, but I couldn't. Whatever they gave me that had me pass out at the store, has made me weak. I was only just recently able to start feeling my powers come back.

"Good morning sunshine!" Levi walks in with a plate of food. "How's my favorite prisoner?" He smiled placing the food on the table.

"She's not a prisoner." I lift my head and see the boy from the first day. I stare at him with no emotion, not wanting to give him a reaction.

"So if I'm not a prisoner, why am I in a cell?"

"You're not a prisoner." He stops and thinks, "More of a bargaining chip. But you're right, no guest should be in a cell."

"Then let me go." I give him a sarcastic smile.

He just yawns, leaning against the wall. Levi laughs nervously and scratches the back of his neck. "Anyways sunshine..."

"Why are you calling me that?" I narrow my eyes at him.

"Your middle name means sunshine."

"Her middle name?" Carter asks walking in.

"Aurora." Levi answers.

"How do you even know my middle name?" I scoff.

He gives me a shrug and smile. "I did my research. Arden Aurora Pierce. Aurora meaning sunshine.

"How fitting." The nameless boy snorts. I, being the lady I am, give the brunette boy the bird.

"I think your name is pretty." Carter says.

"Yea, not villainy at all."

"Seriously Levi?" Carter scolds.

"Do you know what?" I start to say. "I think I know what I'll call you guys too. "Idiot." I point to Levi. "douche." You obviously know who that is. "And sour patch." I point to Carter, so far I like him the best.

"Why sour patch?" Levi asks confused.

"Because I picked names to suit each of your personalities. Carter is sour patch, because he's sweet. But then sour, because you know...he kinda helped kidnap me."

"What? Then why am I called idiot?" Levi says offended.

"Because your name means idiot." I say in a nonchalant tone.

"Does it really?" Her turns looking at the other two boys. Both just give him a shrug.

"You proved my point. Anyways, can we go back to the fact you said I'm a bargaining chip."

"Yes, we can." A new voice says walking in. I look up at the new face. An older man, probably the age my grandfather would be if he was still alive. "Boys, you are free to go." The boys nod before leaving.

I don't even need to ask the man who he is, I already know him. You know how every hero or villain as a archenemy? Well my dad is his, and he is my dads.

"Oh my god, you're bringing me into your feud. This is what this is? You kidnapped me because of the drama between you and my father?" I groan.

"Well, if your father didn't steal from us I wouldn't have had to." He says.

"So why am I here?"

"For a fair bargain. Your father is up to  something. He stole something from us. We don't know why, but we want it back. So we made a bargain. The thing he stole, for you."

"Well, bargain then. He will give you the stupid thing. Let me go home."

"It seems you and I both have overestimated his love for you."

"What do you mean? Let me go!" I shout. Tears start to prickle in my eyes. "Help me!" I screams to no one in particular. There had to be a person who could help me. No one could think locking an innocent eighteen year old girl, who did nothing, was ok.

He gives me a sad smile and a look that I couldn't quite pinpoint. Was it pity? "No one is going to come."


He sighs, "No ones going to come for you."

"Liar, my dad will." I cry.

"He's not coming for you, I'm sorry." He sighs again.

"He will," I denied. "Bargain for me, I don't care. If you tell him you have me, he will give you your stupid thing."

"He had an option to save you, and he didn't. He had the simple choice to give us it back, and he didn't want to."

"You're lying," I cried.

"I'm many things Arden, but a liar is not one." He used the same words that Levi had used days before.

"You're lying," I cried again falling to the floor.

"He didn't want you. Said you had no use for him. Your powers were weak. You were weak. Yes, you're his daughter. But, his love for power outshined his love for you." Flashbacks of my father pop up, I remember time after time he has said similar words to me. My father was not afraid of being blunt, had told me multiple times of how weak he thought I was.

The older man walks closer to me, crouching down to meet my eyes. "But want to know something funny?" He asked, "I think you have him fooled on how powerful you truly are." I meet his eyes, he's looking at me with curiosity, like I'm something he's trying to figure out. "Even if you don't know it yet. You are destined for power. I mean, you are your mother's daughter." My heart hurts at the mention of her. "Elizabeth." He sighs, almost looking sad. "Too powerful for her own good."

I look down and see a fallen fork. Without thinking, I pick it up and try to attack him. He is quick and to avoid it. He lets out a chuckle, "You are trouble, aren't you? Just like her."

I look at him through my wet eyelashes. His next words shock me. "I pity you," he says to me. "We aren't going to hurt you, but we can't quite let you go yet. The only people we want to hurt is your father. And this is only hurting you." He sighs and stands up, "I'll have a room made for you." He gives me a pitiful smile before walking out.


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