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Levi, Ben, Lily, and I wait together for the hour mark. Ben and Lilly had to stay, and Levi insisted he waits too. These are my only friends, so of course I waited as well.

"We are off to get them." Ben smiles, grabbing Lilly's hand. They are gone in a flash, literally.

   "So what are you placing your bets on?" Levi asks.


   "Do you think there were spies, do you think they found out who the mole was?"

   "Hmmm, Well I'm hoping there wasn't any spies. And that they just had a boring mission quickly checking out the place, then going back to the spot and hanging out there for the rest of the hour."

   "Well I hope there was spies." We turn our heads in the voices direction.

   "And why do you hope that Andrews?" Levi asks curiously.

   "Because information has been leaking and I'm sure the king and general would love to know who it's coming from." Andrews explains.

   "That is a valid point." Levi points a finger at him and nods.

   "Spies mean danger still." I say.

   "The boys know not to approach them. They know to stick with the plan." Andrews says.

   "Have they ever not?" I ask curiously.

   Andrews looks over and raises an eyebrow at Levi. Levi laughs nervously, "One time."

   "One time?" I questioned.

   "Tell her why you strayed from the route." Andrews says.

   "I might of got hungry, and there was a store that said it sold Churros. Turns out, if you see a random churro shop in the middle of nowhere, it's probably not a churro shop."

   "Just a secret hideout, that got them discovered."

   "We've never made the mistake again." Levi defends himself. Andrews rolls his eyes and I laugh.

   I then notice how much time has gone by. "Is it me, or have they been taking longer than before?" I point out.

   Andrews looks at his watch. "Two minutes over the scheduled time."

   "Maybe Ben just got tried." Levi says.


   Another flash of light occurs, and instead of Ben falling down. All four, do. "Oh fuck." Levi says when he notices the boy's conditions.

   I stare at the beaten up boys, Carter and Will. "What happened?"

   Will stands up, and wipes the blood from his nose. "Trap, it was a fucking trap." He says angry. I flinch when he pushes a chair and knocks it over.

   "Are you two ok?" Andrews asks.

   "I'm fine, take Carter to medical." Will says, picking up the chair and sitting down. Lily and Ben, help Carter up and take him out the room. I hold in my gasp when I see his bruised and bloodied face.

   "Who sent in the tip?" Levi asks angrily. "They would've had to know it's a trap."

   "I'll call Adam and tell him. He will figure it out."

   "My fathers going to be pissed." Will groans into his hands.

   "He will be happy you're safe." Andrews says.

   "What happened?" Levi asks. I stand up awkwardly, they probably don't want me in here.

  "Where are you going?" Will snaps his eyes towards me.

   "Oh, I didn't know if this was closed information or..."

   "That's very kind of you Arden." Andrews starts, "But nothing at this school is secret, everyone will be informed of what happened tomorrow. William, please carry on."

   "They knew we were coming, they were waiting for us the second we walked in. We hurt a couple, but there were too many. And for some reason our powers weren't working. I think they had someone blocking our power or was somehow using moonstone. They were trying to separate me and Carter. He took most of the punches. It was so weird, it was like they didn't even want to hurt me. Instead they just shot me with something, and it was lights out. I woke up and the assholes were punching Carter just for fucking shits and giggles. I had some tube in my arm, and they were draining my blood."

   "Your blood?" Andrews asks. "Do you know why?"

   "No idea, but they didn't take a lot out."

   "How did you escape?" Levi asks.

   "They let us go."

   "Let you go?"

   "Believe me, I'm just as confused as you are. They said they had what they needed and just left. Carter gained the strength to get up, and then untied me. We were practically limping across the field when Lily and Ben arrived."

   "Were they seen?"

   "I don't think so, they stayed hidden like they were told to. I don't think anyone knows about Ben's ability. They waited for us to get to the spot before getting us out."

   "Interesting," Andrews says. "I'm guess your father is going to come as soon as he can to discuss this and question you more. You need to get some rest." Andrews gives him a nod before heading out. "Levi, a second?" Levi nods and follows.

   "You got hurt dumbass."

   Will looks up and gives me a small smile. "Your wish is always my command."

   "Oh shut up, you know I wasn't serious." I say shoving his shoulder. He pulls back and makes a wincing noice. "Oh fuck, sorry Will."

   "Never need to apologize to me princess." He says with a smirk.

   "Why do you even call me that?"

   "That's what you are." He says, "To them."

   "To who?"

   "Your fathers people. They were calling your father the true king and saying mine was the false one." I knew my fathers people called him their king. I just never thought they'd be so open about it in front of the actual prince.

   "I don't think your dad is the false king." I say, not knowing what else to.

   "I know that. But, even if your father is the fake king. A king is still a king. Making you a princess." He taunts.

   "Oh not fair, I don't want to be called that."

   "Too bad. If I have to be a prince you have to be a princess." I roll my eyes and sit next to him.

   "You're ok though?"

   "Yes I'm ok." Will laughs.


   "Carful princess, I might start to think you actually care about me."

   "I don't."

   "I know." He smiles looking at me.

   A lie, one we both don't believe. One that I'll keep telling.

   Because the second I admit it, the second I know I'm done for.

   I don't have that luxury, I can't care for him. Because that's when I become vulnerable, and that will give them something to hold against me.

   And I can't become that, and I can't give them that. So I can't care for him, I won't.

   But it's hard to resist when those eyes are looking at me. Memorizing, dangerous.

   Like a rip current in the ocean. Pulling me in deeper, not letting me go. All while I try my best to swim away, and not drown.

   Too bad I'm a bad swimmer.

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