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   I don't want to do this. Like, at all. The only thing getting me through the thought of spending an hour in a classroom, is the hot teacher I was promised.

   "I don't feel good, maybe I should just go next time." I'm currently trying to convince Will not to make me go. So far, I have gotten four eye rolls and two shakes of disappointment.

   "You could of said no."

   "Yea, like you guys would of let me anyways."

   "Maybe, if you asked nicely."



   I sigh, "Asshole." He is currently walking me to the so called class. I was able to go back to my room after breakfast, do a whole lot of nothing, and then be escorted by Will.

   Oh look, eye roll number five.

Suddenly, I remember something that Will had said earlier. Don't know why though, it doesn't have any correlation to the conversation now. "Hey, Will?" I as.


   "You said you didn't use your powers to kill." It was technically a statement, but I think he understood the question I was asking.

   He stops behind a pillar. "I did." He says leaning back. I raise an eyebrow, waiting for him to explain more.

   "Why?" I clarify.

   "I want to be a good person." His usual amused face, is now taken the place of a serious one.

   I think you're a good person. I could of said that, but then I wouldn't be the bitch they thought I was. So I decided to keep that thought to myself.

   "You don't think you are?" I decide to say instead.

   He lets out a soft laugh. "No, but I'm not a bad one either." I don't say anything, waiting for him to clarify. "I just, I want to be the best person I can be. Truly good."

   "A true real hero." I joke. He doesn't laugh or even crack a smile.

   "This world of filled of shitty people."

   "Not everyone's bad." I try to defend. No matter how much no one believes me, I still think I'm a good person. "But maybe you're right, maybe no one is truly good."

   "Not even my parents." He says. I'm stunned by his words. "Even they have killed. But I won't, I don't care the reason or scenario. I will never kill for anyone, including myself."

"If it makes you feel better, my dads not that really good either." I say trying to lighten the mood.

Instead, I get a confused look from Will. Followed by a low chuckle. "What's wrong with you?"

"A lot of things."

"Yea," he laughs. "No wonder they didn't want you."

I look at him and scoff. "That was so rude. And not very good person of you William."

"Sorry princess." I cringe at the nickname. "Guess you just bring all the bad parts out of me." He shoots me a wink, before pulling off the wall and continuing to walk.

I follow after him, thinking about what he said. No wonder they didn't want you. They, meaning my dad and the rest of the rebels that fight under him. I know it was a joke, but damn Will. Kick a girl when she's down.

"What can I say?" I shrug, "I like to bring the bad out from the good for fun."

He looks back and rolls his eyes. "Yea, I bet you do."

   The rest of our walk is quiet. I keep thinking back to what he said before. How he wanted to be a good person.  But how do you become one?

   People do everything for a reason. Some do good things, but only because they want to be praised, or they end up getting something out of it. But they are still doing the good deeds. So does that make them good? Or does that make them selfish, evil maybe?

   I will never take someone's life. Another thing he said. What if you were taking someone's life for a good cause?

   Would I kill a person?

   I know my immediate thought should be no. But it isn't. I could kill a person, if the scenario needed me to. But that's just life, or what I was taught life was.

   I don't have much more time to think about it. Due to the fact we are approaching the twins.

   "Hey." Will greets them walking up. Lily smiles and gives him a hug. I'm kinda shocked he gives her a hug back. He doesn't seem like the hugging type. I wonder if they're...

   "Why are you confused?" Will says looking down at me. I'm not a short person, I'm 5'8. But standing next to Will and his 6'2ness makes me feel pretty short.

   "I hate when you look in my head."

   "I can't help it, it practically oozes out of you." I hold in my laugh. I might be a little immature, but that could sound dirty if you think about it.

   "Now you're amused."

   "Stop it." I huff crossing my arms.

   "It's because of your bracelet, don't blame me." I look down at the stupid thing. Some people can create some type of wall in their head, keep others from looking in. Normally, I can. It's one of the things I inherited from my father. One of the things I can usually do, but now can't because of the stupid bracelet.

   "Hi Lily, Levi." I change the subject and greet them. "What are you guys doing here?"

   "Couldn't let you face the torture of history class by yourself sunshine." Levi says with a smile.

   "You're all going with me?" I ask looking around at the three in front of me.

   "Oh god no." Lily laughs. "Thankfully, I have a small mission. I just wanted to see you off for your first day of school." Hopefully last day.

"We are though!" Levi says pointing to him and Will. I look at Will with a raised eyebrow. Why didn't he mention that on the way here?

"He's making me." Will sighs.

"Good, if I have to sit through this torture. So do you."

"Don't be so mean." Lily laughs, "The teachers hot, remember?"

I smile at that thought. Love hot men. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into older men. But I do like to look at hot ones.

"She's excited now." Will points out.

"Yea," I nudge his shoulder. "To learn."

"Sure you are." He says back, heading into the class.

Levi is quick to follow behind him. "I think it's because of the hot teacher comment." He not so quietly whispers.

Will choses not to respond, but shakes his head. I follow behind them, waving bye to Lily.

   My jaw practically drops at the sight of the teacher.


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