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   They've been gone all day.

   Im worried, and not the only one. No matter how hard they try to act like nothing is wrong, I can see the uneasiness in everyone's eyes.

   Gwen, lily, Carter and I are all at our usual table for dinner. Will and Levi, still not back from their mission.

   The dining hall's doors quickly swing open, and Andrews walks in. It doesn't take him long to get to our table, and whisper into Carter's ear.

   Whatever he said, causes Carter to shoot up from his chair, and quickly follow him out of the room.

   The girls and I, look at each other confused. "Something wrong." Lily is the first to speak.

   Gwen stands up, and starts to walk towards the door. She stops, noticing that we weren't following. "Well?" She motions us to come.

   "We can't just barge into his office." Lily scoffs. "That's like against every rule."

   Gwen rolls her eyes and looks at me. I shrug standing up. "I was never one to follow rules." I say.

   Gwen and I hurry out, leaving Lily alone gaping at the table.


   We are almost to his office, before seeing a pissed off Will burst out of the room. I am about to say something, when Gwen pulls me behind the pillar. Putting a finger over her mouth to silence me.

  Once Will is out of sight, she starts to explain. "Will needs to be alone when he's angry."


   "He lets the anger take the best of him. And well, you've heard the gym story before."

   My eyes widen in shock. I did know the story, but didn't know it was the effect of his anger.

   We quickly make our way to the doors, eager to know what happened. Andrew's isn't shocked when he sees us, not even mad we barged through the doors.

   He gives us a sad sigh, "Girls, you should sit down." He then turns and looks at Carter. "Carter, can you start on..."

   Carter cuts him off with a nod knowing what he was going to say, before walking out the door.

   "What's wrong?" Gwen asks.

   "They took Levi." I could swear my heart dropped to my stomach.


   "I don't have time to explain in details, I need to leave to meet the king and general. The mission was a trap. I don't know how they keep finding out, but they do. And they took Levi."

   I stopped listening. Guilt, guilt is what I felt.

   They took him.

   And I don't know why, and I don't know what they'll do. Would they kill him? Use him somehow? Why didn't they take Will?

   My chest tightens up. I didn't even realize I had walked out. It's as if my body had a mind of its own, and I'm just following.

   I don't know where I'm going, but I know I'm going somewhere.

   Goosebumps spread all over my legs and arms when I am out of the building. I continue to walk.

   My heart sinks when I see him. Sitting down, hands on knees, alone.

   Gwen's words pop back in my head. Will needs to be alone, she said. But when he's angry.

   I don't see an angry boy, I see a sad one. One heartbroken, worried about his friend. I make my way to him, sitting down once I reached his side.

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