Twenty Five

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Nothing like waking up at the brink of dawn, to screaming.

   I don't think any of the men, William included, went to bed after the explosive attacks.

I not being the prince, or part of the force, had the luxury of sleep. Nothing puts you to sleep better than a guilty conscience.

I wince at the poor guards painful screams. He had broken his leg and arm. And even worse, dislocated almost every joint in his body. That's exaggerating, but from his screams it seems that way.

I am guessing they are currently relocating everything that they can. "Arden?" I hear Will call out.

"Come in." I answer.

   He opens the tent, and limps in. I can see the bags under his eyes from where I am. "Will, you need to rest." I say worriedly.

He sighs from exhaustion, and falls into the bed next to me. "I will rest when everyone else does." I was trying not to laugh at his stubbornness, and the fact that he was currently laying down with his eyes closed.

I don't say anything though, hoping that he would just simply fall asleep. I groan when he sits up. "Just for a little Will."

"No, my father will be here soon. I just wanted to come in here and talk to you for a moment." He turns, looking at me with his tired eyes.

"Talk about what?"

"I'm worried about you." He says leaning back down on the bed again.

"Worried about me?" I laugh.

"Yes, you worry me."

"Well I apologize."

"Don't be," he sighs. "It's only your nature to worry me."

I roll my eyes. "Ok, I'll humor you. How do I worry you?"

"I'm afraid that you'll get yourself killed."

I scoff. Me? Put myself in danger? Never. "Well, I won't."

"If only that were convincing."

"You're just being mean now William."

He opens his eyes. His face turns into a smirk. "William." He mocks a high pitched voice. He goes to lean up, but I quickly push him back down. He lets out a laugh before sobering up. "I'm sorry. I'm just worried about you getting hurt."

"Carful Will, I might start to think you care for me."

He rolls his eyes, keeping his slight smile. "Don't worry, I don't."

Suddenly the tent opens up, "The king is..." we turn and look at Christian. "Oh I knew there was something going on between the two of you!" He says triumphantly.

Will groans, "There isn't. Can't a girl and boy just be friends?"

"Sure..." Christian says to Will, before turning to me and mouthing no.

"Wait, did you say my father is here?" Will asks shooting up. Christian gives him a nod.

   Will quickly rushes out to the tent, leaving just Christian and me.

Christian gives me a little coy smirk. "There isn't anything going on between us." I say before he can even tease me about it.

"For now."

I roll my eyes, "A girl and a boy can be friends."

"That is true." Christian says. "But you guys are different. You're best friends."

That earns another eye roll from me. "A girl and a boy can be best friends."

"But it only takes a matter of time before one falls in love."

And that's what I was worried about. The one flaw in my fathers plan. What if he didn't fall in love with me, but I fall for him?

Everything is perfect, until somebody falls in love.

And I'm hoping that he doesn't.


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