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"Now onto a someway new topic, that isn't review but is still related to the war." Carter says. "There's a lot of ways we fight in this war. Not everyone can use their powers, so other means are needed. Means like Arden's bracelet." Everyone turns around and looks at me. Great. "Arden, can you come up here?" Carter asks with a smile.

"No." I quickly say. This earns a few giggles from the children. Carter scratches the back of his head, looking embarrassed. Fuck, I didn't mean to disrespect Carter in front of his students. I keep in my groan, slide out of my chair, and walk to the front of the class.

Carter smiles gratefully and lifts up my wrist, showing the bracelet. "Does anyone know why this prevents Arden from using her powers?" Hands start to shoot up, eager to be the one to answer the question. "Oliver." I turn and look at the small maybe, twelve year old red haired boy.

"Because of the stone it's made of!" He answers.

Carter nods and continues to talk. "Good job. Yes, the stone in the bracelet is the one type of stone that can prevent someone from using their powers."

He then starts to go into detail about the stone. I stand there, curious to what he has to say. There are two types of Moonstone, blue and black. It was founded when a meteor hit our world, thousands of years ago. Apparently blue is most common, it is the one in my bracelet. The blue one, is only temporary. Carter explains that you can build a resistances. That explains why I can almost feel my power coming back.

The royal's have control of almost all the moonstone. They turn it into weapons, bullets. Once it hits someone, their powers instantly fade. They even have a man who can control matter, his job is to try to collect all the moonstones after. Pretty cool if you ask me. But, they can't get it all. So they sometimes lose some. This makes them only use the bullets during a dire situation.

Carter then goes on to explain the black moonstone. Says it's a lot stronger, more of a permanent solution. They use this for the prisoners they keep locked up.

"Like the blue moonstone, it's shiny and smooth. But just black. They look almost identical, the only difference is the small fragments of gold in the black." Carter is taking turns looking at the class and then me. I still haven't returned to my seat, I've been leaning against his desk. Too interested to think of anything else.

I can tell Carter is distracted by something. He's starting to furrow his brows and give secret glances to Will and Levi. "Class, we are going to end today a little early." Everyone looks around confused, but starts to pack up. No one daring to complain. Once everyone is out, Will and Levi walk to the front of the class.

"What's wrong?" Levi asks.

Carter just turns and faces me. "Arden, where did you get that necklace?" My hand flys to the necklace around my neck. One that I always forget is there.

"I've had it since I was a baby." I start to explain. "My mother gave it to me."

"Have you ever tried to take it off?" Carter asks.

"No." I start to think. Why is he asking? Why haven't I tried to take it off before? Faint memories start to resurface. I remember my mom putting it on my neck, and telling me I'm never allowed to take it off. I just don't know why I listened. I start to explain that to them.

"Try to take it off." Will says. I reach for my neck but stop.

"Go on."

"I can't." I look up confused. "My head is telling my body to take it off, but it won't."

"Amazing." Carter laughs. "Arden do you know what it is? Were you listening to my class?" My mouth is practically open. "You've had black moonstone on you this whole time."

"That doesn't make sense. Why would my mother give it to me? Why can't I take it off? Wouldn't my father notice and take it off? He always talked about how weak I was, if he knew would he?" Dozens of questions keeps shooting up.

"I've heard stories about your mom." Will mutters. "She was said to be dangerous, because what she could do. Do you think she could of somehow tricked Ardens mind into never letting her take it off or even think of it?" Will turns and asks Carter.

"That's the only explanation. For some reason, your mom didn't want you using your powers."

"But you're wrong, I can still use them." I defend. It couldn't be true, because the moonstone should make me unable to.

"That's the shocking part." Carter reaches to touch the necklace, and I flinch back. "Sorry." He mumbles. "But Arden, we need to take it off of you."

My body starts to jerk, slapping his arm away when he tries to reach for it again. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that."

"Will, try taking it off." Will goes to reach for it, and without thinking I punch him.

"Oh my god."

"Her body is in self defense mode." Levi points out. "Like she was told not to let anyone take it off." Next thing I know, Levi and Will are both grabbing my arms. I squirm when Carter try's to yank of the necklace.

"I can't." He says after tugging it. "Like the bracelet, I think you might need the person who put it on to take it off."

"But I can still use my powers with it on, this doesn't make any sense."

"It's unheard of, but it seems like you have also created somewhat a resistance to the black moonstone."


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