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"Just take it off for training, you can put it back on after." I'm practically begging Headmaster Andrews to let me train.

"I don't know..." he says looking around.

"You want me to stay here, at least let me practice with everyone."

"Will you be good?" He asks. I'll be as good as I can be.

"Good is my middle name."

"Actually, it's..." I shut Levi up with a look.

"We are going to need someone who will agree to train with you." I look around the field, everyone's eyes seem to divert from not only mine, but the headmaster's as well. Does seriously no one want to fight me?

"Why can't William?" I look over and see displeasure in his eyes when he hears me use his full name. It gives me great satisfaction to know he doesn't like it. I hope he feels my pleasure in pissing him off.

"William is a little..." Andrews starts to speak before thinking. "How would you say it?"

"Out of your league." Levi finish's for him. I scoff at that, out of my league? I mean, I'm not the most powerful but...

Ok, I can't argue with that. I know the stories about that family. Apparently you don't want to fuck with them.

"I'll fight her." Gwen says coming up.

I smile at that. "Sounds good to me."

"Let's not use the word fight, but train." Andrews says. He walks up to me and grabs my wrist. He does some laser thing to the bracelet and it falls off.

It takes only a moment to feel the sparks in my finger. "God," I moan. "I missed this." I feel, I don't know how to explain it. Alive.

I lift my palm up, and shoot little sparks in the air. Testing, it out. "Cute." Gwen says.

We walk onto the platform. I can feel everyone's gaze watching. "When you girls are ready." Andrew says.

We both give a nod. I wonder what she even does? My thoughts are cut off with the answer.

From all sides, water slams into me. "Oww, what the fuck..." Another hit, straight to my face.

Ok, I see how it is.

I send sparks flying left and right. She somehow dodges every one. It seems I may have overestimated myself and underestimated her.

But if I'm being honest, I never actually thought I would win.

My father never taught me how to control or better my powers. Told me that if I want to win, it should be with my head.

I crouch over in pain, as I recover from another blow to the stomach.

I send another spark from my hand, managing to hit her side. Making her fall straight to the floor. I might not be able to land that many hits but when I do, it hurts.

Gwen stands up and wipes her hands on her pants. "Are you..." a girl watching starts to say.

"I'm fine." She says annoyed. I don't need Will's power to know how she feels. I see pissed off written all over her face.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I mutter to myself when I realize what she's about to do. Water collects to both sides of her arms. The water moving as if it's an extension to her body.

They combine together, before slamming into my face. I'm knocked over on the floor. I'm able to get up, but there's still water surrounding my head. Making me unable to breath.

"Should we stop it?" I hear Levi ask.

"She'll figure it out." I hear Andrews.

I remember my fathers words once again. If you can't win with strength, win with your brain. I move my arm up and grab the water. I then manage to send as many sparks as I can through the water, heading straight to her.

The water instantly drops, and I drop gasping with it. I hear her shriek in pain. I look up for only a second to see her on the floor as well. But while I'm gasping throwing up water, she's shaking and clutching her body.

"Well, that was an interesting lesson." Andrews starts to say. I look up gasping. "Did everyone see that? Gwen underestimated her opponent's abilities, tried showing off. That gave Arden a clear pathway to her. Good move." Andrews finishes before giving me a nod. "Everyone continue training." He says walking away to a different platform.

  I'm still panting by the time he's gone. "I am so out of shape." I breath heavily.

"Yea." I look up and give Levi the finger.

"That's not nice." Will says looking down at me with a smirk.

"I'm not a real nice person."

"I can tell by the negativity that constantly oozes out of you. Always there, a little bit of hate, no matter how small."

"Get out of my head." I snap standing up.

"Whatever you want, princess." He winks before walking away.

I look at Levi with an annoyed look. He just shrugs, and starts walking. "Are you showing me my room now?" I ask, quietly pleading.



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