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It's cold. I reach down to try and pull my blanket closer to my body. I move around the hard surface unable to find it. That's weird, my bed isn't hard. I quickly shoot up, realizing I'm not in bed.

  I look down to see my hand handcuffed to the ground. I try to tug, pull, yank out of it. No luck.

   "I don't think that's going to work." My eyes snap up, and are met with a pair of blue ones.

   "Who are you?" I ask shocked. I couldn't see his face, he was hidden perfectly in the shadows and all I could see were his eyes.

   "That's what you want to know?" He laughed. "Not where you are, or what happened to you?"

   "You might as well answer all of those too." I say.

  "You're not scared?" He says more to himself, confused. I recognize his voice as the boy from before. I think I'm in shock. I know I should be scared, and I know that being chained down and kidnapped is a scary thing. The more I think of it, the more scared I start to be. "Oh, there we go. I was starting to think you were crazy."

   I look at him unable to speak. Without thinking I take off my shoe and throw it at him. I am, super pissed right now. Who does this fucker think he is?

   "If you're just going to be rude, I think I'll leave." He shakes his head with an amused look. Why does he find this so funny? I look at him, still too shock to speak.

   "I'm hungry," I muttered. I'm hungry? Seriously, I shouldn't be asking this total stranger for food.

   "I don't remember asking sweetheart." He smirked before walking out of the room. I want to yell, tell him to come back. Because I'm afraid. Im afraid of being alone and left to die here.


   It seems as if only a little less than an hour has passed when I start to hear movement. In walks in a handsome boy. One with raven hair and a pair of dark eyes to match. In his hand, was a plate of bread and cheese. I feel a tightening sensation in my chest, as the reality of things start to finally hit.

   "Excuse me?" The boy's eyes widen in shock. As if he was not expecting me to talk to him. "What is your name?" He raises an eyebrow at me.


   "Ok Carter," I start to choke out. "I think I'm going to cry."

   His eyes widen in fear, "Oh god, don't cry."

   "Why would you say that? That's just going to make me cry more." I say while tears start to stream down my face.

   "Umm, hold on." He said quickly turning around and rushing out the room.

I cry more, realizing he took my food with him. As quick as he left, he returns. But he didn't return alone, with him was another boy. This one with blue hair and eyes the color of the sky. I remember one of the boys calling him Levi. "What do we do?" Carter asks with worried eyes. This just causes me to cry more. "Oh my god, please stop." He begged.

   The boy with blonde hair just starts to laugh. "Levi!" Carter scolds him.

   "Well," both boys turn hearing the sound of my voice. "Well, don't laugh at me." My voice cracks. This earns another laugh from Levi. "You're the assholes that kidnapped me, and you have the nerve to laugh at me." Both of their faces turn pink from embarrassment.

   "Ummm," Levi scratches the back of his neck. I roll my eyes, and wipe away the final tears.

   "Where's the douche?" I ask them. They turn and look at each other with confused expressions.

   "Douche?" Carter asks.

   "The one who was in here earlier? I don't know his name, do you to know it?"

   Levi's eyes widen before letting out a huge laugh. "Douche," he laughs. "She called him a douche." I stare at them with narrow eyes.

   "Why are you laughing? You're all douches." Levi's amusement leaves his face.

   He lets out a scoff, "Excuse you, we are not douches. We are actually really nice guys." He crosses his arm and glares at me.

   "Right," I say, staring him down. I roll my eyes and look at the 'non douche' named Carter. "So what was his name?"

   "Did he not tell you his name?" Carter asks.


   "Well, did you ask?"

   "Yes, but he..."

   "And he chose not to tell you?" Levi smirks at me. I roll my eyes and huff. "Then, I think he doesn't want you to know his name. Your name is your own to tell. So when he wants to tell you, he'll tell you."

"You're rude." I say to him with narrow eyes.

He laughs, "Why? Because I won't tell you his name?"

"That, and maybe because you kidnapped me too."

Levi let's out a snort, "Oh yea, I forgot about that." This causes Carter to look down embarrassed again. They hand me the food, before turning around and heading towards the door.

"Wait!" I yell. They turn around. "Are you leaving me alone?"

"Well, we aren't here to play babysitter." Levi says.

"Can you at least tell me why I'm here?"

"Soon Arden." Carter smiles at me. "Get some rest, he knows you're awake and will be coming to see you soon."

"Who? Are they going to hurt me?" I ask nervously.

"Of course not." Carter says looking offended.

"Am I supposed to take your word for it?"

"We are a lot of things Arden. Liars aren't one of them." Levi says before both of the boys turn and walk out.

Arden, they knew my name. Of course they knew my name. I obviously was the stupid target. I have been hunted a fair amount of times. But never actually caught. And my downfall was the fact I let my guard down. Because they were cute. I let a pair of pretty eyes get me distracted. I let out a frustrated scream.

"You can't leave me in here!" I tell you no one in particular. Of course, no one answers. I sit in the dark cold room.

Screaming and cursing at nothing and everything. I'm their prisoner.

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