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   "Are you fucking kidding me?"

   "Blair, there's kids." Levi hushes me.

   "I don't care, the kids will learn that word eventually. I have been lied to."

   "Umm, sorry to disappoint you." The teacher, also known as Carter, scratches the side of his neck.

   Guilt instantly kicks in. "Oh, that's not what I meant. You're hot Carter, don't get me wrong, just wasn't expecting the teacher to be one of you boys."

   "Men." Levi fakes a cough.

   "You think Carter's hot?" Will turns and looks at me. Well, this is awkward. I turn and look at the pairs of eyes on me.

   There's not a lot of kids, about seven. All from the ages of ten to fifteen. "I'm ready to learn!" I change the subject moving to one of the open desks. There are three that happens to be conveniently together in the back.

   "How does she feel?" Levi whispers.

   "Flustered." Fuck this stupid bracelet. The boys both chuckle and follow me back. Carter smiles at the kids and starts to talk.

   "Why is Carter the teacher?" I whisper to Will on my right.

   "Shhh, no talking." He's smirking, looking straight ahead. I roll my eyes and look to my left and ask the question again to Levi.

   "Oh, because remember when I said that Levi has two powers too?" I nod my head. "He's super smart."

   "That's not a power."

   He shrugs at that. "Maybe, but he can remember any little detail someone tells him. And he can solve any problem you give him."

"That's super cool." I whisper. How is that fair? He's super strong and super smart. And then we have super everything here on my right. And all I have is a small party trick, as my dad likes to call it.

"Not only that," Will starts to explain. "We can't trust a lot of people around the kids. They aren't super strong or can't fully control their abilities. A lot of people try to steal the younger supers or even kill them. That's why we have each other teach the kids. The older ones are taught by Andrews."

I look around the room, there are no kids past the age of fifteen. I've heard stories about some people hating the kids blessed with abilities. That's why I wasn't allowed to have many friends. Only a select few, that were also connected to my fathers friends, warriors, or generals.

As sensing the sadness Will continues to talk. "But there's a lot more people that love us than hate us. And there's a lot of people who love the young supers here. That's why we all have no problem teaching them and showing them the ropes. They bring life out of all the older kids." That does give me relief. I might hate this place and say I hate everyone in it, but I don't. Especially not the kids, they deserve to be kept safe. I turn my head forward, and listen to Carter.

"Good afternoon class." He greets with a smile. Fellow good afternoons and hellos are said back. "So today we are going to go through a review. Most of you already know this, but some students don't." I sink into my chair embarrassed, not missing the slight turns and stares in my direction.

"That's you..." Will starts to whisper.

"Yea, I know dipshit."

Carter continues to talk about the basic things of powers. Stuff I didn't know, because my father never thought he needed to explain.

I've known this part though. That kids start to get their powers by five, or at least show a sign of them. If they didn't have them by ten, they most likely won't ever show up. That's why my dad was so worried about me. He thought I would never get my power. And when I did, they weren't anything special. My sister was a lot stronger than me, at least that's what my father would tell me.

I did find out, that if you have one super parent you will have a power. But back to the thing before, sometimes kids have powers but they never show up. Or, they can just become super good at things. Meaning sports, a certain activity, or skill. But it doesn't count as a power to the school.

I also learned that even if kids have their powers, they don't get sent here until they are ten. The school believes that kids need to be with their parents until then. So even after, if they don't want to send their kids they don't have to. It's unheard of though, everyone wants their kids to be safe. And this is the safest place, the school.

My father used to talk about the school. Him and his fellow associates, as you would call them, would try plan to take over it. When Will was talking about the bad people who wanted to kidnap them, a lot of those people are connected to my father. I cringe at that thought. He would of done it, if he knew where the school was.

This place is so safe, because if you aren't here you don't know where it is. I mean, I'm here and still don't know where it is.

Carter then starts to talk about a subject I wish we didn't talk about. The war.

There was a lot of head turns when my father's name was brought up. And his name was brought up, a lot.

God, why couldn't someone else's dad start it. They are making him seem insane. I guess to them he is.

Blah blah blah, past fifteen years. Blah blah, my father. Blah blah, the rebels, that's what they like to call our side, versus the royal army, the hero's.

I want to laugh when Will starts to sink in his chair. You can tell how uncomfortable he gets when people talk about his status. Yea, you're a prince. I want to rub in. I love being right.

What peaks my interest, is the new topic brought up. Things used to weaken other people's powers.


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