Fourty Four

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   I don't know how long I stayed by Gwen's lifeless body. It felt as if I been here forever.

   I should of left, ran when she had told me they all betrayed me the way I betrayed them. But I couldn't leave her.

    Will's voice breaks me out of my trace. "Arden?" He asks.

   "I didn't say I loved her back." I whisper.

   "What?" He asks. I flinch when his hand finds my shoulder.

   "I should of said it back." Tears fall down my face once more. I look at her body, her eyes were shut. I had to close them, I couldn't bare her looking at me. "I love you." I say to her. "You were my best friend too."

   "Arden." I hear the pain in his voice. Pain of loosing his best friend also. His next words shock me. "Did you do this?"

   My head snaps in his direction. I notice the boy from early, now with people I'm guessing we're supposed to be the help. "What did you just ask me?"

   "Did you do this to her?" His eyes weren't on me, but on her. "Did you?" He snaps, eyes shooting glares at me.

   "How could you think I could do something like this?" If my heart didn't break from what Gwen had told her earlier, this would have done it.

   I don't miss the wide eyes from everyone around. Carter is there, looking just as hurt as the both of us.

"Look at yourself." He says. I see my reflection in his sword. Blood covers my hands, my arms, my face, everywhere she had touched. He points his sword in my direction. "Did you?" I stand up.

"Will?" Carter shouts. They are all far enough where they can't hear our conversation. It must look weird to see two people who have claimed to love each other look at each other now with such hate. Must be confusing why his friend was holding a sword towards his other one.

Will holds his hand up, stopping them from inching forward. They listen to their prince and stop.

"No, I didn't. She was my friend."

"Are you sure about that?" He laughs bitterly, "Or was befriending her another one of your father's missions?"

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