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   It's been a week since the incident. It's safe to say that the boys are on suspension from missions. Not that they did anything wrong, but the king demanded it.

   Not only that, no one else is allowed to go on missions anymore. Not until they figure everything out. They already have the mole. Some woman they have locked up and are questioning.

   I skipped out on breakfast. I accidentally slept in and missed it. Lily was worried and came to check on me. And now I'm currently meeting up with everyone for lunch. Which, I'm late for.

   I rush in the dining hall, gaining attention, and hurry straight to my table. "If you're going to make this a habit, I'm going to have to start waking you up and walking you again." Will says with a smirk.

   "This is the first ever time I've missed a meal." I defend myself sitting across from him next to Lily.

   "Just ignore him." Lily says.

   "Yea, he was just worried when you didn't show for breakfast." Levi teases.

   "You were worried about me?" I smirk at Will.

  "He was." Cater says. I turn and smile at him. His face is still bruised up, but he's back to his usual good spirit.

   "Not that you were hurt." He says defensively. My smile drops at realization. He was worried I left.

   "You thought I would leave?" I ask offended. After all this time, he still didn't fully trust me. My doubts were confirmed when I see everyone look away. "You all thought I did."

   "I was just worried you were sick." Lily defends herself. A lie to make me feel better. I turn and look at the other two boys. Carter stays quiet.

   Levi sighs and puts his sandwich down. "I thought you would maybe try to."

   "Levi." His sister scolds him.

   He rolls his eyes and shrugs. "I told her I would never lie."

"I wouldn't." I scoff insulted. What do I have to do for them to finally trust me?Lily turns and gives me a slight smile.

"We know that." She says reassuringly. I look at Will's tighten expression.

"I wouldn't Will." He gives me another tight smile. "Do you not trust me?" I asked hurt.

"I..." Will's answer is cut off.

"I would hope he would trust you. Since you are going on your first mission with him." Everyone turns their head surprised. I'm sorry, did I hear Andrews right?

"I'm going on..."

"Arden your hearing issues are starting to worry me." Andrews chuckles quietly at his own joke.

"No I heard you, I just don't understand."

"What don't you understand?"

Well, a lot of things actually. "I thought the boys weren't allowed on missions and I don't understand why I would be..."

"Do you not want to go?" Andrews asks.

"No, of course I do..."

"Then be packed, Will leaves before dinner." He says before walking away. I turn to the group at the table, hoping one of them can explain.

"Well?" I ask.

Thankfully, Carter starts to explain. "Will has to take papers to his father."

"Why can't anyone else do it?" I turn to Will for answers.

"Because I'm the person he trusts the most."

"Are you guys not going?" I turn my attention to the other boys. I get head shakes from both of them. "Why?"

"I didn't know at first," Will starts to say. "But I'm guessing now it's because you're going."

"Why wouldn't they get to go because of me?" That makes zero sense. They always go with him, they're a team.

This time Levi speaks up, "Because he's getting teleported to an army camp. It would be too much work for Ben to take all of us. And it's just a quick night trip, he will be protected but the guards."

"But why is Arden going?" Lily speaks up. "No offense or anything. But it doesn't make sense for her to go." She's looking at William for an answer.

He gives her a shrug, "I have no idea."


This is a win and lose situation. One, I'm happy to be leaving the school. Don't get me wrong, I've learned to love it, but seeing the same thing everyday starts to get annoying.

It's bad for a couple reasons. First one being it's just me and Will. I'm not forgetting that he just pretty much said he didn't trust me.

Second, I'm missing taco night. Literally, the best night of the whole week. Tonight was even supposed to be chicken tacos. I groan at the though. God, I am a whore for some good chicken tacos.

I wipe away the imaginary tear that had just fell. Why couldn't we leave after dinner? It's not like Ben wouldn't be able to take us from being too full. If anything food is energy, energy is good, energy helps you do things.

I've finished packing a small backpack before hearing a knock at my door. They said it was a night trip. So all I've packed are clothes to wear the next day. I could easily sleep in the leggings and shirt I'm wearing now.

I open the door and smile when I see Ben. "My escort."

He smiles back, "Is William not here yet? I was told to meet..."

"Right here." Will says walking up. There's no trace of smile or smirk on his face. Was he worried about the mission? "Did you pack?" He asks.

I lift up my backpack. "Yup, my swimsuit and sunscreen is ready to go."

Damn, not even a little smile from that. Just a roll of the eyes. I do get a laugh from Ben. Thank you, for saving us from the awkward silence.

"I'm going to use your bathroom first." Will says. "I'm not excited for the toilets to turn into trees." He says walking past me, straight into my room.

"Sure, make yourself at home." I say sarcastically.

Ben gives me a sheepish smile. "Don't worry about him. Missions just get him uneasy ." And rude apparently. Wait...

When he said the bathroom thing, does that mean there's not going to be a bathroom for me to use? Just great. I would love to say I'm an outdoorsy type of girl. But being practically shut away from everyone, I never really got into the camping thing.

Will is quickly done with the bathroom. "Ready? Ben checks.

"We're just doing it in my room?" I asked surprised.

"Would you rather do it in the bathroom?" Will asks. Now he's acting like as if I just said the stupidest thing, and is now responding as if I were stupid. Ok now that I think about, maybe that was a stupid question.

"Oh, so he does make jokes." He rolls his eyes. Ben let's out another nervous chuckle, I can tell he's uncomfortable. I guess any person would be in this position. "Yes, my room is fine."

Ben let's out a sigh of relief. Probably happy that neither of us are going to keep arguing. Or maybe happy that he only has to deal with us a little longer.

I was expecting Lily to be here to help, but I guess he doesn't need her. He grabs both of our arms.

"You might feel a little weird after." He warns me a second before we're off.


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