Fourty Five

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Moments earlier...


Screams and pounding, that's what i was woken up to. Guards pounding at my door. People yelling outside, down the hallway, everywhere. The school was under attack.

The school was under attack and instead of going with the guards to safety, I was running. Running down the halls with one thing on my mind.

And that was the fact that Arden was still in the medical wing. I didn't care about my safety, or my status. All I cared about was finding her. Because there was no way I was going to let her get taken. Even after everything I said, she wouldn't be taken again.

Everyone's running in different directions, everyone is going to where they're needed. We've trained for this, made a plan incase this ever happened. And it's a good thing we did.

I'm almost to the hospital wing, there's less and less people the more I go down. It makes me a little relieved.

What doesn't make me relieved is the empty bed when I walk in. "Arden?" I call out. "Arden?"

"She's not here." A voice says, closing the door. I let out a burst of fire the second I see who it is.

The man laughs, moving to the side so it barley misses. "How's my mini me?"

"She's nothing like you."

He smiles at me. It's strange, if I didn't know who he was I would never have guessed he was a murderer. "That's somewhat true. Though she got her smarts and wits from me, she got her charm and beauty from her mother." He looks me up and down, examining me. Wondering what my next move would be. "Such a dangerous combination don't you think? Not only is she smart, she is quite the seductress. I mean, she got you didn't she?"

His words take awhile to sink it. What? "What are you talking about?"

He must of noticed the look of confusion that flashes across my face. He lets a smirk curl up his lip. "Am I wrong? Are you not quiet smitten with my daughter?"

I was confused. Did he have ears and eyes at the school? How else would be know about me and Arden. "How do..."

He laughs again, "She told me of course."

"Told you what exactly?"

"Don't worry, she didn't tell me any specifics. Only that the plan was working."

"What plan?" I ask, angrily.

He rolls his eyes, "You're a lot of things boy, but stupid isn't one of them."

I think I'm in denial. I'm not stupid, I know what he's hinting at. But Arden wouldn't do that, she wouldn't do that to me. Would she? "What plan?" I ask again. I needed him to confirm my suspicions.

"I wanted her to get something from you." He starts to explain. "Get close to you, even maybe make you love her enough to hand it to her, do whatever she needs to get it."

He's lying. He's lying because if it was true, him telling me this would ruin everything they "planned." "Then why are you telling me?" I ask, saying out loud my thoughts. "Wouldn't me knowing ruin your so called plan?"

"Well it seems we have both underestimated my daughter." He says smirking, "Not only was she able to get you to fall for her, she was able to get it on her own."

"I didn't fall for your daughter." A lie. I spit the word daughter out of my mouth.

"Then why did you kill a man for her?" He asks.

I didn't answer him, because he knew I was lying and I couldn't argue against it. I was livid, fuming. She told me she couldn't love me, and I didn't listen.

She was a lie, everything about her. Her friendship to me, to everyone here, her wanting to be good. She had everyone fooled. How could I be so stupid to trust her? How could we all? We all knew who her father is. He is a monster, he raised her. So it only makes sense that he raised her the same way.

I feel heat stirring, pleading to me to let it out. So I did. A huge gust of fire formed a ball before leaving my palms, straight to his direction.

There was no way he would dodge this one, there was no where for him to hide.

As the cloud of debrie clears the room, I'm frozen in shock. He's gone, no where to be seen. No trace of him, he's vanished.

"Fuck." I mumble. "Fuck."

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