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"Ready?" Andrews yells from the middle. Will steps on to the plat form and gives him a nod. I give him a thumbs up, earning a laugh from the boys. Seriously Arden, a thumbs up?

"Good luck." Lily whispers to me while I head on. I give her a grateful smile. Luck, is definitely what I need right now.

"Hey princess." Will grins cracking his neck. If that was him trying to intimidate me, it worked.

"I don't like that nickname." I groan. Shifting my weight constantly from my left to right foot. Both of us have our arms up in the fighting position.

"That sucks." He laughs, also bouncing from foot to foot. Rule number one about fighting, don't make the first move.

"Fine, I'll just call you something. Flamey, mindy, hotty? Ignore that." I'm so nervous I can't believe I just said that.

"No, I kinda like that one." He smirks. "Hotty." He repeats.

"I bet you do."

"Come on! This isn't a date this is a fight!" Will and I both turn and give Levi dirty looks. He laughs nervously. "Sorry, I just get excited."

I turn my attention back to Will. "I want you to win." He whispers so that no one can hear.

"Then let me." I tease.

"You know I can't do that."

"Good, I wouldn't want you to anyways."

"Let's get this fight going." Andrews says from the sideline.

I'm guessing that Will also knows not the be the first one to punch. So me being the impatient person I am, decides to.

I quickly swing my right arm, sending my fist in the direction of his face. Him, expecting it, stops my fist with his hand. "That wasn't really nice." He smirks holding onto my wrist slightly tight.

"I'm not really a nice person." I say bringing my knee up, and landing a shot in a place no man wants to be kneed.

"That's a low blow, foul!" Levi shouts from the side. I turn and look at him.

"Seriously, could you be more obvious on whose side you're on?" I say lifting my arms. It seems that I forgot the second rule.

Never let yourself get distracted.

I shoot back in pain, crouching down and holding my hit stomach. "Not really nice, Will."

"Just making sure you're paying attention." He shoots me a wink.

We spend the next ten minutes, throwing and dodging punches. Neither of us getting tired, and neither of us getting anywhere.

"Ok, time out."

"Levi you can't call time out." Andrews says before adding, "Ok, time out. Something needs to change. Any suggestions?" He asks looking around.

"We can add a weapon?" A girl suggests.

"Dangerous, but I like it." Andrews says picking up a dagger and walking onto the platform. He holds it out, waiting for one of us to grab it.

Will looks up at me. "Lady's choice." I roll my eyes and grab the dagger. Andrews quickly exists the platform and tells us to continue.

"How do you decide who wins?" Someone asks.

"Whoever is in the position where they can land the final blow with the dagger." Andrew says. "The killing shot."

I make a move and slash the knife in Will's direction. He quickly grabs my knife holding arm and hits it with his other hand. Causing me to wince in pain, and drop the knife to the ground. "So much for that." I sigh.

We go on for seven more minutes before we both start to get tired. Things change when I start to get tired. I get sloppy, and more carless. I make a mistake by bringing up my leg, thinking I can catch Will by surprise.

Instead of landing the kick, Will grabs my leg twisting it and making me fall. I am quick to twist my leg around his and bring him down with me.

We both lay on the floor, panting. I try to get up as fast as I can, but fail. Will turns his body, moving it on top of mine. I try to throw a punch, but my hand is caught and pinned above my head. I then try the other, and get that one pinned as well.

"You almost made me fall on the dagger." I complain. He rolls his eyes.

"Having fun?" He laughs talking low enough so only I could hear.

"No, but you probably are. I bet you like this position." I say trying to wiggle out.

He laughs at that, "Maybe in different circumstances." His words catch me off guard. I was definitely not expecting him to say that.

In a different circumstance, I repeat his words him my head. Yea, one with no punching and more kiss...

An idea suddenly pops into my head. "Hey, Will quick question."

"You want to ask me something before he calls the fight and says I win?" He smirks. Cocky, won't do you well William.

"Is there something going on between you and Lily?" I ask.

"What?" He asks taken back. I managed to free one of my legs due to him being distracted.

"You know, like are you guys a thing or something?" I say getting my other leg free. He notices what I'm doing and moves his legs so that they are in between mine, making mine spread apart. Ok, phase two. "Answer the question."

"No, there's nothing between us." He says confused. Perfect. I grin. "Why would you ask..."

I quickly lift my legs up and wrap them around Will. He moves one hand, grabbing my leg. I use my legs to pull him down. And my now free hand, to grab his face and pull it in.

I quickly lock my lips onto his. His lips are frozen in shock at first.

   It only takes a second later for his lips to start moving.


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