Chapter 9

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"Please let me go," the woman pleaded as he tried his best not to kill the man in front of her

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"Please let me go," the woman pleaded as he tried his best not to kill the man in front of her.

"I'm sorry, but it's either you or a person I care deeply about," an all too familiar voice of her daughter echoed through the room.

"Theresa," she asked through her sobs. 

Tessa emerged through the shadows with a knife in her hand. She knew she had to do this, to protect her Aunt Jenna.

She didn't want to kill an innocent, but she could kill the woman who had tortured her every single day of her existence. The woman who had sold her to a man simply for money. The woman who claimed to be her mother, but was anything but.

"I'm your mother," she cried out.

"And where was all this motherly love when you left me to starve and bleed in the basement," Tessa questioned. 

"Don't worry, mommy, it'll get over soon," she cooed as she made a slight cut in the woman's neck making her mother's fangs come out. 

She pounced on the human and drank her blood, but before she could kill her, she was pulled away. A needle was inserted in her neck and she fell limp on the ground.

"Whenever you're ready Greta," Klaus called out to his witch as he watched Jenna with a grin. 

"Stop," a voice called out making Klaus roll his eyes at another interruption.

He turned around to see Tessa with a woman who was struggling in her arms. "Take her, you like the symmetry of three goddesses, right? So here, take her." She pushed her mother at him. 

"You want to punish us for trying to ruin your plans right? Well, guess what, I helped Damon steal your werewolf and vampire. So punish me, by killing my mother. Just let Jenna go," she said.

"You want to trade your own mother for Jenna," Klaus asked shocked.

"Yes," she replied as she tried to ignore her mother's screams.

"Why?" Klaus tilted his head to the side, curious to know why the brunette was willing to sacrifice her mother for the life of her best friend's aunt. 

"Because Jenna doesn't deserve this. She does," she sneered nodding at her mother. 

She knew what she was doing was cruel. Hell, she had given Elijah a speech about choosing family a couple of hours ago, and here she was, letting her mother die for Jenna. But Jenna was kind and selfless, and truly loved her. Jenna was the mother she never had and Tessa couldn't lose her. She wouldn't lose her.

"Or better yet, take me. Turn me into a vampire and kill me, just let Jenna go."

Klaus signalled the witch to lower the fire barrier around Jenna and pushed the older White in. Jenna sped to Tessa and hugged her as tears flowed down her cheeks. 

"Run. Go to the Salvatore House and stay with Ric, okay," Tessa said as she hugged her once again, relieved that she was safe. 

Glaring at the original and giving her best friend a sympathetic glance, Tessa stood at the side as she watched the sacrifice happen.

"I protected you," Tessa's mother screamed as Klaus neared her. "Theresa, I protected you from the dangerous world your father was in. I protected you from the monster you are. You really are a monster, a disgrace to the White name an-," she was cut off by a wooden stake being stabbed in her heart. 

Klaus recalled the time his own mother had called him a monster. He glanced at Tessa to see her looking at her mother's body with tears and disgust in her eyes. She truly did hate the woman. 

Maybe family was not always bound by blood.

Elena's body hit the ground as Stefan looked at her sadly. 

The sounds of bone cracking and Klaus's screams filled the air, along with Bonnie's chanting.

"Elijah?" Klaus muttered as he saw his brother walk towards him. 

"Hello, brother," Elijah said before pushing his hand in Klaus' chest and grabbing his heart.

"In the name of our family, Niklaus."

"I didn't bury them at sea," Klaus grunted out. 


"Their bodies are safe. If you kill me, you'll never find them."

"Elijah," Stefan called. "Don't listen to him."

"Elijah, I can take you to them," the hybrid said, looking at his brother with pleading eyes. "I give you my word, brother." 

"Do it and I'll take you both," Bonnie said. 

"You'll die," Elijah stated. "I don't care," the witch said through gritted teeth.

Elijah looked at Tessa, his eyes begging her to forgive him.

"It's okay," she whispered softly so only he and Klaus could hear, as Stefan was farther from them. "Go find your family."

"Thank you," he said smiling at her before grabbing his brother and speeding away from them. 

Tessa stood behind the trees as people kept flowers near her mother's grave. As they said good things about her, about her achievements and her contributions to the town like she was some goddess. 

Tessa wanted to scream and tell them that she was a monster, that she didn't deserve their love and respect. 

"Why'd you do it?" Damon asked as he stood beside her.

"I couldn't let Jenna die. And my mother, she," she choked out. "She was a monster. She was cruel to me, and she hurt me. And she was the one who killed my father. I was too afraid to say or do anything before, but I could now."

"I love you, Tessa," Damon said he caressed her cheek, tears filling his eyes. 

"I love you too, Day," she hugged him. 

He knew she didn't mean it the way he did, but he needed to tell her before he died. Even if she thought it was as her best friend.

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