Chapter 28

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"Open up for me, darling," Aaron demanded. His knee spread apart Tessa's leg. "Let's finally see how fucking wet you are for us."

"Oh-. Fu-," Tessa moaned when he pushed her panties away, his fingers came directly in contact with her heat. 

"You are so wet," Aaron groaned. "All of this for me? For us?"

Tessa nodded, her eyes were tightly shut. 

"Say it, principessa," Elijah whispered in her ear. 

"Yes, yes. It-s for you. It's for all of you. Please-."

"These need to come off, love," Klaus tugged at her top. "May I?"

She nodded. And then before she knew it, she was completely naked except for her soaked panties. Which were then gone as well. 

"Eyes on him, baby girl." Damon demanded. 

Her eyes fluttered open as another strangled sound escaped her throat. She could feel Aaron's hot breath on her heat, his eyes looking up at her. And then his tongue slid up her slit. Slowly. Agonizingly slow.

"Oh go-." She let out another gasp when Klaus's teeth roughly bit her neck, and at the same time Damon's squeezed her nipple. 

"Fucking delicious," Aaron moaned. 

Elijah's hand slid down and his fingers starting circling her clit. Slowly. She shut her eyes, earning her a smack on her pussy from Aaron and one on her right breast from Stefan. 

"Who told you you could shut your eyes, Tes?" Stefan growled.

She opened her eyes slowly, they were darkened - lust clouding in them. 

"God, you're so perfect." Damon whispered. 

"You ready, baby?" Aaron smirked, his hand pumping his dick. 

She nodded, not trusting her words at the moment. 

And then he slid inside. Slowly. Annoyingly slowly. She grabbed onto his bicep as he started kissing her jaw. 

"Mnn. Faster," she whispered. 

"What was that?" Klaus mocked, his hands were rubbing himself through his jeans - a tent evident in them. 

"F-faster. Please."

And he slid out. Slowly. And then he thrust himself completely inside her with no warning - or mercy. 

His hand wrapped themselves around her neck - pressing slightly - and tilting her chin up. 

"What you did, Risa."


"Was very stupid."


"I know," she said - something between a whimper and a moan came out of her. "I'm sorry."


"Good. You better be."


"Aaron," she moaned making him quicken his pace, thrusting harder inside her. Deeper. 

Klaus' fingers went to her clit, rubbing her with an inhuman speed while Elijah pinched it softly.

"Fu-. Oh my god. Yes, yes. Please."


"Yes. Yes."

"Aaro-. I'm going to-."

"Come with me, sweetheart," Aaron whispered in her ear. "Come for us."

And then she saw stars. And the sun. And heaven and earth. Aaron's thrusts had become sloppy as both of them rode their highs. His head nestled in her head, holding onto her. 

"God-. You're fucking perfect, Tessa."

Tessa let out a yelp when she was pulled onto Elijah, straddling him. She bit her tongue when she felt his hardness pressed up against her, as well as Klaus' hardness against her back. 

Oh god-.

Elijah pulled her down, thrusting in.

"Oh my-. Lijah."

"You feel so good." He grunted.

"Are you ready, my love?" Klaus murmured against her earlobe, his hand sliding up and down her back.

She nodded, her eyes were hazy and her head was in a daze. And then he slid himself inside her - gently, something one would not have expected from the original hybrid. He stayed inside out her, mumbling sweet nothings in her ear, waiting for her to get settled.

"You can move now," she whispered. 

And he did. Slowly. And then faster. Eventually, both of them pounded her at an unimaginable speed, causing her to let out an incoherent cry. 

"You're so tight," Klaus grunted.

"I-. I'm goin-." And before she could continue she had climaxed - for the third time. And so had they, pouring out their seeds inside of her. 

Her body collapsed on Elijah who was whispering compliments in her ears and stroking her hair gently. 

"Come on," Aaron whispered, pulling her away from Elijah and gently placing her on the bed. "Let's get you cleaned up."

He pulled away, turning around to go get some cloth and water bags when she grabbed his hand, stopping him. 

"Please don't leave," she whispered to all of them. "I don't want you to leave."

"Hey, hey baby. I'm not leaving you. None of us are," he sighed, moving some hair off of her face. 

"We're here love," Klaus whispered. 

"I'm just going to go get some wet cloth to clean you up, okay?" Aaron caressed her cheek. "And then I'll be right here. We all are right here, okay?"

She nodded, shutting her eyes. 

They were here. They were here now. She was going to be okay. Everything was going to be okay.

A/N - Okay this is it. That's all the smut ya'll get for now. You horny, dirty minded losers. Also sorry bout Steffie not getting much action this time (don't worry, I've got an entire chapter dedicated to our bunny eating baby). Also, before you think that, no she won't be getting pregnant yet. She's on birth control :) I love you! xoxo.

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