Chapter 14

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Aaron and the Cuthberts are finally here :) And soon our gorgeous Shadowhunters will be blessed with the beauty of the deadly Mystic Falls

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Aaron and the Cuthberts are finally here :) And soon our gorgeous Shadowhunters will be blessed with the beauty of the deadly Mystic Falls. I'm sorry for the short chapter, it's literally three in the morning here and my exams are starting soon so I need my sleep.

Tessa's fingers fiddled with each other as she impatiently tapped the table. She had received a very important call  in the middle of her very eventful dinner with the originals and had to leave halfway. 

Her heart was pounding and her palms were sweating. She was going to see them after so long. She was finally going to see him. She knew she'd need to tell her friends about this soon, she also knew that keeping the originals on her side in this matter would prove to be beneficial.

The ringing sound of the bell echoed through the house making her jump up with a start. She fixed her hair as though she was a teenage girl going out for her first date. Even though she knew he would not, could not judge her for her appearance, she needed to be perfect for him. 

He was all that mattered. 

Tessa rushed to the door and opened it. Tears pooled in her eyes when she saw him.  She quickly grabbed him for Aaron's hands and hugged him tightly to her chest. "James, oh my-. You're really here. Oh my baby," she cried as she held the one year old boy in her hands. 

"Aaron," she whispered as her eyes met the familiar hazel eyes. He was the son of her father's closest friend. They were best friends before Aaron's family had to leave Mystic Falls. One drunken night in Los Angeles a while ago had led to the miracle they named James. 

"Hello Risa," he smiled warmly. He had always called her Risa, it was his special nickname for her.

She wrapped an arm around his neck burying her face in the crook of his neck, making sure her baby was safe. He protectively wrapped his arms around her and his child, holding them tight as if they would disappear the second he left.

"Hey, that's okay, we're not even here," a voice made them break the hug as they turned to the source. Tessa chuckled as she gave James back to Aaron and ran into the arms of Nathaniel Cuthbert, he was one of her closest friends. 

They had met when she was involved in an FBI case, he and his brother David were profilers in the case and instantly had a connection with the teen who was just a couple of years younger.

"How are you, pixie?" Nathan murmured against her hair. 

"I'm better now that you guys are here," she whispered as she pulled away to grab David into a bone crushing hug making him chuckle.

"Why are you here though?" She asked as she closed the door, her arms reaching out for her son again. "Not that I don't mind seeing him, but I thought you were in Florida under Witness Protection."

"It's not safe anymore Ris," Aaron said softly as if what he would say next could break the half-angel. "He found us, and we knew the safest place James would be was in Mystic Falls, with both of us."

She nodded, her hands tightening protectively around her son who was cooing around and playing with her hair. "I have some vampire and witch friends, they can help cloak and protect him."

"Hey," he said grabbing her hand when he sensed her anxiety. "We'll protect him. We have been for a year."

"I know," she nodded, tears stinging her eyes. She looked down at the innocent boy, staring at her face with his big brown eyes. He didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve to be in danger just because she was his mother. Just because she did something. "I promised him a safe and happy life and that's what we'll give him."

"Come on, you guys should sleep. I'll introduce you to my friends tomorrow morning," she sighed as she got up to lead them to the rooms.

Did you like the twist? Giving her a son and making our amazing Aaron the father was an idea that came to me at 4 in the morning :) I literally wrote in down on the toilet paper.

Thank you for reading, xoxo.

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