Chapter 18

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TW - There is a bit of a torture scene here

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TW - There is a bit of a torture scene here. Don't worry, our lover boys will make sure the assholes suffer.

"Yes Caroline," Tessa sighed for the hundredth time as she picked up her pace. "I am on my way, I can't exactly vamp speed there."

"Fine. Be here fast," Caroline snapped before hanging the call.

Tessa chuckled as she fastened her pace in the alley, shopping bags in her hand. Caroline wanted to take her out to the club, claiming that the brunette had spent enough time cooped up in the house to drive her crazy.

Before dying, Esther had threatened Tessa's life, causing the Salvatores, Mikaelsons, Cuthberts, and Aaron to lock her in the house till it was safe. Of course, the half-angel didn't listen and snuck out of the house. 

"Theresa Wright," she heard a voice call out. She continued walking without looking back, yelling over her shoulder, "Not in the mood, dude. Come tomorrow?"

"I think you should come with us." 

She felt a hand wrap around her wrist making her roll her eyes. She grabbed the man's hand and twisted it making him yelp in surprise and pain. Did he really expect her to come quietly?

"I told you," she twisted it harder making him groan, "I am not in the mood."

"And we told you that you should come with us," Another voice said from behind her before knocking her out.

"Where is she?" Damon growled as he threw Klaus across the room.

"I should be the one asking you that," the hybrid growled before pinning him to the wall, his hand in his chest.

"Oh," Damon scoffed, "Do you really think we're going to believe this show? If you hurt a single hair on her head, so help me god I will kill you."

Klaus laughed humourlessly, "You are in no position to make threats, Salvatore. You lost her, and if she's hurt, you and your brother will suffer a fate worse than death."

"Niklaus please," Elijah sighed. He knew the two vampires needed to be calm if they wanted to find Tessa.

Klaus scoffed before throwing the vampire on the floor. "Get your witch to do a locator spell," he ordered. "I will find out who took her."

"No need for that," an unfamiliar voice said making all of them tense. Nathan walked in with James in his arms and two boys and two girls behind him. "We already know who took her."

Klaus' hands balled into a fist when he saw the look on their faces, especially Nathan. He had a horrified and worried look as if he had just seen the most horrible thing happen.

"Who?" Aaron asked with a clenched jaw.

"A pack of werewolves," the blonde boy took out his phone and held it out to them. 

There was a video. 

Tessa was tied up on a chair, her hair was a mess and tears were flowing down her cheeks, a gag in her mouth. There was blood on her shirt making all of them fume. 

"Where is the cup," a man's rough voice said making her whimper. "I asked you a question," he yelled wrapping his throat around her neck. 

"Let her go, Jacob," another man's voice echoed. A silhouette entered the frame and stood beside her. "Now," he ordered. The first man slapped Tessa, scoffing, and then walked away.

The man bent down to level with the shaking brunette, "Now, why don't you be a good little girl and tell us where the mortal cup is, huh?" He said removing her gag.

"I don't know," she sobbed. Her voice sounded so weak, so hurt and so defeated. It made all their hearts clench.

"That's not the correct answer," he said stabbing her thigh with a dagger, making her cry out.

"I'm telling the truth," she cried. "I don't know anything. I swear."

The man got up from his position, facing the camera. His appearance was clear now. He had tan skin and a built body, his eyes were grey and he had a short stubble on his chin. He had a scar, from his left eye to his right ear.

"We want the mortal cup," he said turning back to caress Tessa's cheek making her flinch. "Or else your gorgeous Shadowhunter will not live to see her son's birthday."

Caroline covered her mouth to stop her sobs as all the others looked angry, ready to kill.

"Where are they," Aaron questioned, tears filling up his eyes as he kept his eyes on the black screen.

"A warehouse right outside of Mystic Falls," the brunette boy replied. "We've already got Luke's pack and Raphael's vampires on their way."

"Okay," he nodded,

"Let's go get Tessa back," he muttered before storming out.

A/N - Yes, I am going to leave you on a cliffhanger for some time. Enjoy :) xoxo

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